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03:03:58 PM Mar 24th 2015
The page has a couple of references to April and Jalil being an Official Couple. I actually ship that, but where exactly is this coming from?
10:19:11 PM Dec 23rd 2011
I don't remember ever reading about the "Great Scroll of the Gods." Is someone making this up?
05:04:10 PM Apr 4th 2012
I don't remember that either.
09:00:26 PM Apr 9th 2012
It was mentioned in the Tenth Book, "Understand the Unknown" while the group was in Atlantis. It was never actually found, but Senna and Jalil both expressed a great deal of interest in it.
03:24:20 PM Apr 10th 2012
Ah, that would make sense. I haven't gotten my hands on the 10th book in years.
06:45:24 PM Feb 28th 2013
It was implied that Brigid was actually its keeper and as such it was located in the Old World.
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