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08:34:26 AM Jan 24th 2012
edited by PaulA
  • Curse Escape Clause: Ella breaks the curse with her willpower, just like in the book. She even does it in some kind of an example of Loophole Abuse, as right before she's going to stab Char, she tells herself to never be obedient again.

Okay, seriously — is it "willpower, just like in the book", or is it Loophole Abuse? It can't really be both.
06:07:12 AM Mar 29th 2010
edited by PaulA
If this is going to become Conversation in the Main Page, it belongs on the discussion page:

  • Curse Escape Clause: Ella breaks the spell by telling her reflection in a mirror not to be obedient. (There are at least three reasons why this wouldn't have worked in the book, incidentally.)
    • Really? This troper thought she broke it through sheer force of will.
      • And those 3 reasons are what, exactly?

06:12:58 AM Mar 29th 2010
"Ella orders herself not to be obedient" is a kind of cheap rules-lawyering that the book does not do; it makes a point of not ever letting the characters take an easy way out.

I counted that as reason #1 in my parenthesis, but really it's kind of reason #0. The two proper in-story reasons are:

  1. In the book, Ella is not able to give herself orders.
  2. In the book, orders last only until somebody gives a conflicting order; so even if she could tell herself not to be obedient, or get somebody else to, it would only last until the next time somebody told her to obey them.
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