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09:01:26 PM Mar 25th 2013
edited by Candi
"As a half-elf, he can expect to live for another century, but he has no right to the noble title he holds"

Any blood right, since anything from his mother wouldn't be counted. (Noble families in Deverry tend to be a bit inbred.) But Rhodry has repeatedly proven himself a good, generous, and wise leader of the gwerbertrhyn.

"Anachronic Order - Flashbacks to previous incarnations and to the youth of long lived characters. Doubly so in that later there is one flashback to what used to be the "current" timeline. The chronologically earliest flashback is in the very last book."

Katharine Kerr specifically stated she intended the story to be like a Celtic pattern, looping in and around itself in a recognizable but intricate order.
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