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07:47:10 AM Jan 10th 2013
Can one eliminate the earlier version under the erroneous heading "The Hermetic Millenium"? (sic)
04:12:10 PM May 15th 2014
Wright have mentioned in his blog: (By the bye, let me announce that this next volume is not going to be called CONCUBINE VECTOR after all, nor, after solemn discussions with the publisher, will it be called my preferred title, HARRY POTTER AND THE LUSCIOUS LESBIAN LOVE-SLAVES OF THE VOLUPTUOUS VAMPIRE VIXEN OF VENUS VERSUS GODZILLA OF GOR, but instead will be called ARCHITECT OF AEONS, in reference to the person, or planet, who is the main antagonist in this stretch of the plot.)
02:17:56 PM Sep 4th 2014
According to his blog, the current lineup of the series are:

Count to A Trillion (AD 2221 - AD 2401) The Hermetic Millennia (AD 2535 - AD 10515) The Judge of Ages (AD 10515) The Architect of Aeons (AD 11049 - AD 51555) The Vindication of Man (AD 70000 - AD 802701) Count to Infinity (AD 2,000,000,000 - AD 21,000,000,000)