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06:45:20 AM Aug 27th 2014
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Removed the following from the Badass Army entry because it's misleading:

"There are only three thousand of them, and command frequently sends them as the only response to planetary invasions."

First of all there are few examples I can think of from the series in which they are sent in alone, secondly that wouldn't mean they were sent in alone frequently the rest of the time, and thirdly the Guard are typically used to bolster a planet's existing (and numerically vastly superior) Planetary Defence Forces, whereas the deleted wording imples that they habitually fight off planetary invasions on their own.
04:46:54 PM Aug 30th 2014
That's actually a pretty good point. Cain's unit is normally among several in a task force. Although I do feel the Imperial Guard as a whole counts for the trope.
09:42:28 AM Mar 10th 2015
It happened once, in Caves of Ice when they opposed the Ork Waaargh.

02:29:55 AM Dec 4th 2013
Can anyone translate this: Apparently, it's Cain and Logash (from Caves of Ice). It looks hilarious.
09:40:57 AM Mar 10th 2015
The first is Cain and Amberly. Let go to a restaurant later. I know a good one near the harbor. Second is Logash, yes. Put me down, you uneducated meatbag. Omnissiah blessed me for greater discoveries. Get your hands off me, barbarian!

There is like 4 more pictures like this for various novels.
07:10:42 PM Jan 13th 2013
Methuselah Syndrome may be YMMV since the series has a long standing medical procedure.

Entry from the Warhammer 40,000 trope section under Longevity Treatment: "Rejuvenat allows Imperial nobles and officers to live for centuries, it's suggested to be made from children."

It Depends on the writer about who and who doesn't use them. Some writers seem to forget them all together. Some have one of their characters (Winter War) refuse to use it. Some just assume all high ranking officers/Inquisitors/Nobleman etc. use them even if they never mention it.
12:26:21 PM Jan 13th 2013
In regards to the Good-Looking Privates entry: It should probably stay gone. I can't remember an instance of Kasteen being out of uniform to set up the comparison...if it is there somewhere, then make sure to note it.
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