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09:07:03 AM Mar 25th 2013
I think this article might need a going-over. It looks like a good half of it, if not more, is spoiler text.
11:07:06 AM Mar 25th 2013
It's a Wham Episode. Yes, there are lots of spoilers.
07:55:14 AM May 20th 2013
That doesn't really matter? Have you ever noticed the editing tip about how an example that's almost entirely spoilers probably isn't a good idea? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that an entire article that is mostly spoilers is even worse.
08:22:01 AM Aug 26th 2013
The fact that it has spoilers for Ghost Story as well as Changes should probably be looked into. The page for one work shouldn't spoil future works.
08:53:31 AM Aug 26th 2013
^ That needs to be removed, definitely. I haven't spotted any myself, but then I've just been keeping an eye on the edits, haven't really gone over the page with a fine-tooth comb.