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06:48:09 PM Dec 20th 2013
Loaded words intended to mark negative criticism towards the 2002 remake and it's fans will continue to be deleted. Things like this belong in the YMMV section.
11:34:10 AM Nov 12th 2013

Shot for Shot Remake: Borderline example. The 2013 film has plenty of thematic changes and is very much modernized (with use of smartphones/texting and enhanced FX in depicting Carrie's powers), but it follows the beats of the original film VERY closely. Every major scene has a counterpart, and many of the small touches are accounted for (like the blood on Miss Desjardin's skirt after the locker room scene and the principal noticing it). Lawrence Cohen, the writer of the '76 version, is even credited as one of the writers.

Okay, this is completely absurd. How is it a shot-for-shot remake when the exact same scenes could be found in the original novel? And what's this about a writer from the 1976 film? How is this relevant? How does this qualify this trope? Sam Raimi was a producer of the Evil Dead remake, but I don't see anyone calling that one a shot-for-shot, especially since the 2013's seriousness pales greatly against the 1981's campy horror.
11:01:19 AM Dec 14th 2013
The writer thing is abstract, but the example still stands because nearly every scene has a counterpart in the original film. Dialogue is a little different and as well as the framing and direction, but when the movie is about 90 percent identical it counts for the trope. Whether or not it comes from the book really doesn't matter.
06:38:43 PM Dec 20th 2013
Except it does matter. It's not shot-for-shot in the least.
11:53:43 AM Oct 29th 2013
'(the studio moved it back from March 15 in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre)'

Excuse me, is there any source of this little tib-bit? I've haven't found anything that connects Carrie with Sandy Hook.

10:46:25 AM Oct 28th 2013
Homage: Jill Sobule's song Supermodel from the movie Clueless. The video has Jill playing the part of Carrie. Her name is even changed to "Jill White" on the voting form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65VOaMJOukk
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