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02:53:12 AM Oct 29th 2015
This topic is being edit warred over. Please decide here whether it belongs or not.
  • A.K.A.-47: Samsonov for Simonov SKS, Chariot for Merkava, White Eagle for Black Hawk. These were direct conversions from early drafits where the story takes part on earth.
02:48:33 PM Oct 29th 2015
(I brought it up in Ask The Tropers, for the record.)

My argument for why the entry was misuse:
  • As mentioned in ATT only the SKS even remotely fits the trope. The trope is explicitly about firearms, not military hardware in general.
  • The equipment being used on Terra Nova is modeled off of RL hardware for a starting place for both writer and audience to work from, but it's not the actual RL gear itself. The series is set five centuries after current day, and neither hardware nor designs for same were brought from Earth.
  • Earlier drafts are irrelevant to the main page. It's trivia at best, as Fighteer points out on ATT, under What Could Have Been (which I added last night).
08:20:03 AM May 24th 2011
Toned down the hyperbole in MEH. Hyperbole isn't "Instant awesome, just add X".

Also, although Carrera and Kratman share a few physical features, calling the former a self-insert for the latter (especially if, as I suspect, it's based on the chopped-up and out-of-context presentation of ADCP on the Spacebattles forum) is stretching it.
09:45:14 PM Oct 11th 2011
Somehow, there's a fairly strong knee-jerk reaction against Kratman and Ringo on the internet. *shrugs* Having read the complete series, while I don't agree entirely with Kratman's thinking, the whole point of the series is to show what happens when you get stuck in a vicious war and decide to remove the gloves.

That said, obviously all characters are influenced by the author to a strong degree; but to put an example, you don't see people accusing Keitaro Urashima of being a self-insert for Ken Akamatsu, despite the similarities...

... though admittedly Carrera and Kratman have a lot of points of similarity (retired Colonels, passionate about training, love panama, married panamanian girls, studied and taught military law.... :p
03:47:26 PM May 8th 2011
edited by Nohbody
First off, the zapping earlier was a bit rushed, and I should have explained my reasoning in more detail. My apologies.

That said, the phrasing did make it pretty clear the tropers in question were using the page as a hit piece on the series, which isn't TVT's purpose.

As for SBIH's re-removal, on the trope page itself it says SBIH is when the work fails to click with its target audience. Given the original phrasing of the entry, it was pretty clear that the series isn't targeting the tropers who made the edits. People who do like it have done so enough (via purchases) to justify continuing the series beyond the original book, which suggests to me that it's clicking with someone. Baen Books isn't going to continue publishing a series that isn't making money.

Is the series a great work of literature? Hardly. But "I think it sucks", alone, isn't sufficient justification for listing it as SBIH.
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