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03:28:53 PM Mar 7th 2011
edited by SinusPi
Bittersweet Ending? Really? Maybe I've seen a different movie, but in what I saw there was a bitter Bus Crash followed by a completely unrelated pseudo-sweet-wannabe scene in which the hero's almost irrelevant sister finally gets to visit Terabithia, which she knew nothing about until then, while Jess is not even mentioned again.
04:53:11 PM Jun 12th 2010
I wanted to put in the fact that my whole class (in 6th grade) starting laughing when it was revealed to Jess the girl died. It WAS bad acting.
11:05:40 AM Sep 24th 2012
Wait, my whole Sixth Grade class laughed at that scene, too.

Was your sixth grade teacher, by any chance, blond, female, and with a penchant for wearing high heels and elaborately patterned dresses?
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