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12:28:41 PM Jan 8th 2013
Would anyone be averse to getting rid of the page for The Naming/The Gift and combining it back with the main Books of Pellinor page? It's got very few examples and it seems like most people are adding to the series page instead of the book page. I know it's not uncommon on the wiki but it just feels a little strange to me to have an individual page for the first book and not the others (plus with this one there's the title confusion - it's under the American title now, but should it be listed under its international title in addition, or instead of the American one?).

I'd also be more than happy to write individual pages for each of the four books and use the main page as a "splash"/place to list tropes general to the series, but it seems to me there's precedent for either method (all series on one page/each book divided) so I thought I'd see what others thought.
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