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03:37:05 AM Mar 18th 2013
edited by Nohbody
Assorted fixes, including Example Indentation, and providing context to Zero Context Examples.

Removed Humans Are the Real Monsters, as the trope is about humans through alien eyes, not the eyes of other humans (in spite of the redirect from the old name of Humans Are Bastards).

Some of the entries I couldn't remember the context, so I just commented them out. If anyone's memory of the stories is fresher than mine, feel free to add context and remove the "%%" stuff.
11:46:50 PM Aug 28th 2010
Changed Lawful Good to Lawful Neutral. Considering they fight for their side and don't really worry too much about anyone who gets in the way of completing the mission.

Bolos have occasionally refused to carry out illegal or dishonourable orders, but that just tends to move their alignment to "Lawful Neutral with Good tendencies".
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