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03:14:13 PM Jan 15th 2014
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"Some editions of The Hollow Needle highlight Holmes on the cover, even though he has only a small role in the book. One even adds the Spotlight-Stealing Title of Arsene Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes."

The volume entitled "Arsene Lupin Vs Sherlock Holmes: The Hollow Needle" is the Black Coat Press translation by that company's Publishers. It should be noted that volumes contains more then just the Hollow Needle story itself, it also includes the short story that was Lupin and Holmes's first encounter, and an original story by the translators.

At any-rate Holmes role while arguable small is important.
04:07:24 PM Jun 26th 2013
I'm surprised to see no examples here for either Femme Fatale or The Vamp. I can't know for certain since I haven't read the stories yet (not easy to decide which translation to trust) but usually a Dating Catwoman villainess qualifies as one of those, and Lupin has 2.
01:07:34 AM Feb 7th 2013
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Arsene Lupin Family Tree:

Arsène Lupin

Night Hood (Son)

Lupin III (Grandson)

Riko Mine (Great Grandaughter)
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