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05:36:33 PM May 8th 2011
Clipped most of the entry on Suddenly Sexuality. And really, I'm not sure how "sudden" it was, since the only hint we had for Brown's orientation was her Precocious Crush on Stile twenty years past. Anyway, Tsetse was thrown together with Brown as part of Purple and Tan's plan to get her on their side ("play ball and we'll give your own sex slave!") Brown fell for her partially out of lonliness (her lover having died years earlier) and Tsetse for her because Brown was the first of her "employers" who treated her as anything other than a sex toy. We also don't know exactly how long they were together, so Suddenly Sexuality seems a bit much to tag them with.

As far as Brown's "obvious" bisexualty goes: A Precocious Crush =/= She likes boys as an adult.
09:23:10 AM Nov 16th 2011
Good points, but the fact that the author admitted to "turning Brown gay" because he realized the cast was unbalanced suggests both that she originally was straight (so the Precocious Crush does actually have relevancy) and that Anthony did have to make the change happen rather suddenly. If you argue (and I would agree) that Brown and Tsetse are shown to have good reason to fall for each other, and that their relationship is treated with dignity and respect despite how it started, that speaks to the skill of the writer even when working at the eleventh hour. It doesn't, however, change the fact that Brown's sexuality was suddenly imposed on her near the end. Also, your assuming that the crush is not proof of liking boys as an adult partakes a bit of No Bisexuals...
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