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12:20:11 AM Apr 22nd 2010
edited by vifetoile
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  • A couple of chapters into the first book, anybody familiar with Christianity will notice that this is another Narnia. Sometime around when the aliens/angel-like things start singing a biblical Psalm, and then the Jesus metaphor with their dad becomes even more obvious.
    • Their father is not intended as a savior figure, though Meg very much wants him to be. In fact, after they get reunited with him, everything instantly gets a thousand times -worse-. In the end, Meg has to rely on herself to save her brother from evil. Well, herself and The Power of Love.

Because the "Christian Allegory" falls apart in closer inspection - hell, in a cursory inspection. I've read these books for years and I never saw them as a Christian allegory. There is a strong difference between having a strong Christian influence and imagery, and being an allegory.
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