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10:39:32 PM May 10th 2014
To me it seems hasty to cut this one. The summary seems solid. Really all it needs is work on the tropes.

I haven't read the book, so for now I can't volunteer on that one right now, but it seems to fall short of "can't be saved."
11:58:21 PM May 10th 2014
Actually, having just one on-page trope is a sufficient reason for cutting - the trope list is the important aspect to a work page, not the summary.

It's also worth noting that this page hasn't been edited since 2012, so it's logical to assume that it won't improve. Now if you can add more trope examples that'd be good, but historically a page that doesn't have enough examples and was created a long time ago has a 95% chance of not improving.
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