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07:49:00 PM Apr 11th 2013
So, with Author Existence Failure happening, How far did volume 20 get any way, if the anime was to be used as a bench mark? Is there any documentation that some other author might be able to use to complete the series (notes, manuscript, etc.)? Am I the only one who wants to cry?
10:34:36 AM Oct 3rd 2012
edited by Rinne
EDIT: Nevermind. Just revising the entry in question instead of pulling it fully.
02:10:23 PM Aug 8th 2012

Pettanko is not a trope. UsefulNotes.Pettanko is a fanspeak term definition only. The tropes are A-Cup Angst (girl is sensitive about her lack of size) or Petite Pride (girl is proud of her flat-chestedness). Anything else is not a trope. Please return this example to the page under the correct trope if (and only if) it fits one of those two tropes.
12:06:08 PM Jul 18th 2012
I haven't read the light novels, so I don't know if this was explained in them, but if we are to assume that the only reason Saito is able to understand the languages in Halkegenia is because of the botched spell Louise tried to use to silence him in the first episode, how is anyone supposed to understand her, or vice-versa when they travel to Japan at the end of the series?
04:10:52 PM May 5th 2011
because i don't want to create an account to edit it, because it might get reverted etc. i'll put it up here for someone who's known here to do the edit and verify the information: Regarding the Hair Color Dissonance... it's just a bad translation. the actual word describing her hair (on the first page of the novel^^) used is 'momoiro' which means 'peach colored', and by that a light pink is usually meant ;) and regarding the Forgotten Phlebotinum: it's been used twice as of novel 12.. i can lookup the exact parts if interested. if i don't forget it i'll look here and edit it if noone else does it :D if i find anything else i'll put it in here too i guess
01:04:55 PM Dec 1st 2010
Never seen this show, but how can it be one of the best examples of BST, when the Tsundere in the relationship is the more tsun to the point of Jerkass, not to mention Jerk Sue? Is it that her counterpart Saito simply has his meanness in the form of pervertedness instead of bad temperament?
01:16:05 PM Aug 9th 2010
To anyone who has read the entirety of the light novels: am I correct in thinking that Louise's mother is the only named Square mage in the series?
09:19:09 AM Feb 13th 2011
No headmaster Osmond is a square mage,and Viscount Wardes is a square mage. I could only name them off the top of my head but there are others
07:17:30 PM Jul 21st 2010
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[Spoilers alert!]

Episode 5, Season 3.

Did anyone watch the scene in which Saito and Louise got together [yet again] in this episode counting off the seconds before Tabitha woke up/was noticed? I mean, the shot of her covered in Saito's jacket wualifies it as Chekhov's Gun, but the whole thing felt like they (most especially Saito, who should have seen this coming no matter how Genre Blind he was, considering the situation) were standing over several kegs of gunpowder, and then suddenly decided to start smoking something. Chekhov had his finger on the trigger.
05:06:01 AM Jul 7th 2010
edited by KillerRabbit
Am I the only one irked by the comparisions to Harry Potter? Aside from the fact they both centre on a Wizarding School and the similarity uniforms, there is not much common ground between the two. One is a fantasy series based around use of The Masquerade in contemporary Britain, the other is a Medieval European Fantasy run by an incredibly corrupt Magocracy. One has its male lead a Changeling Fantasy wizard, the other is a Trapped in Another World muggle who happens to win the Super Power Lottery. And both having big hair is not sufficient basis for saying Louise resembles Hermionie, unless she starting giving Ron beatings while I wasn't looking.

This isn't to say that ZNT is some bountiful font of originality (because that would be a lie) but it is irksome how any use of the Wizarding School trope is regardless of appropriateness, automatically equated with Harry Potter, which is not entirely justified.
07:59:50 PM Jul 21st 2010
I think it's not that there's any real comparison, I just think that Zero no Tsukaima may have been inspired by Harry Potter. There's certainly enough shout-outs. Entrance in the Girl's Bathroom. Wand-based magic. (I think that's fairly uncommon in Japanese fiction...? IDK...) Derflinger may be related to the Sword of Gryffindor. The familiars may have some connection to Patronuses/Patronii. (But this is even more of a stretch than the sword.) The Headmaster is Dumbledore, but In Appearance Only. It is set in a European (...-ish) setting. (I found the flanderized, poorly-defined Knights to be a refreshing change from the flanderized and badly-misinterpretted ninjas.)

Personalities have fewer parallels. One could argue that TABITHA, not Louise, has a connection with an extremely [[Flanderization Flanderized]] Hermione. Like Harry, Saito is largely ignorant of the magical world.

But, as you say, this is all superficial. (On that note, I changed the first line of the main page upon reading this topic.) But, to be fair, if you want to tell someone that a magical Boarding School is involved, you reference Harry Potter. You shouldn't compare them so much, but if either you or the person you're talking about are having trouble explaining/grasping the concept (simple as it is...) then you reference Harry Potter. Any comparison of Louise to Hermione is right out, of course.
08:23:55 PM May 15th 2010
TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. I used to legitimately enjoy this series before I accidentally opened the door on the internet backdraft going on with the T Vtropes page. Now I can only enjoy it as a Guilty Pleasure because of all the chatter about how terrible the relationship is (I thought they where cute together.) [sarcasm mode] Thanks, T Vtropes! [/sarcasm mode]
08:39:57 PM May 15th 2010
I for one have always gotten the impression that Saito is a masochist, and thus the relationship between him and Louise isn't abusive. Seriously, there is no way he could be stupid enough to keep commenting about large breasts (or lack thereof) around Louise if he didn't enjoy her reaction.
11:41:38 AM Jul 8th 2010
Actually, This is very Different in the Light Novels, as the reason why he enjoys it is due to flanderization in the anime. The Light Novels, Yeah, not so much.
07:35:35 PM Jul 21st 2010
I didn't read the light novels, but I will say this: It's comedy. Saito being obscenely forgiving can be handwaved by the mind-altering (...despite the anime implying that it wasn't mind-altering in the adaptation, but...) rune, or a belief in the Red Thread Of Fate, if you really need a handwave.

For that matter, it's clear he's not a masochist, because he obviously does not enjoy the explosions, tries to avoid them, and, in some cases, actively consider Louise's reaction before acting. (Which is sad, because this is often when a girl forces themselves on her- or just stands next to him at the wrong moment. -_-)

On a related note, see Hanlon's Razor. Almost everything Saito does that makes Louise angry can be attributed to his own stupidity. Louise's actions can be attributed to a combination of extreme stupidity, anger, and pride, but she has at least the excuse of sometimes not thinking clearly, being blindly, madly, and angrily in love with Saito. And, of course, sometimes he deserves it. The mask from season 2? He deserved every explosion, IMO. Misunderstanding the Princess' gesture soon after meeting her? He definitely deserved that beating if only for being so stupid. Any time he comments on her breasts...

Actually, he has no right to hold a grudge for the other explosions, anyway, so there you go. And, if we assume he has anything resembling a logical mind, if he DOES pursue a romantic relationship with anyone else, what's going to happen to him AND whoever he chooses? Boom.

...Sorry, didn't mean to make a long-winded reply. xP
01:08:48 AM Nov 24th 2010
Most of the people on TV tropes have probably seen this kind of Relationship before. Considering that its a very cookie cutter relationship, its tough to show the complexities that really lie within.

Read the light novels, and behold the true relationship.

I kid you not.
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