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03:31:51 PM May 27th 2016
Should this be considered a franchise?
09:54:51 AM May 1st 2012
I see Slayers mentioned in connection with RPG's quite a bit on this site, but I have no idea what the connection is. Anyone care to help me out?
11:42:58 AM May 1st 2012
Probably the fact that Slayers and most RP Gs share the Sword & Sorcery medieval setting, and that each of the main characters are specialized enough to legitimately be classified as different jobs in an RPG.

Lina is the Sorceress, Gourry is the tank, Amelia is the White Mage (sorta), etc.
08:12:47 AM Dec 15th 2011
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I was working on a caption for the image and I've managed to identify everybody but the fishfolks. If somebody could fill in the blanks we could go ahead and post it:

The blonde in the top left is Filia Ul Copt. To her left is Prince Randionel Seyruun and beneath her are Crown Prince Philionel El Di Seyruun, Sylphiel Nels Lahda and <Fish man>. To his right is Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun and above her are Zelgadis and Luna Inverse. The blond guy to her right is Gourrey Gabriev and above him are Rodimus and Zolf, nestled below Pakota(Prince Posel Korba Taforashia)'s ear/hand thing. Below him is Lina Inverse and between the two is Naga the Serpant's back. The one in the top right is Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova and below her we have Inspecter Wizer Freion; to his right is Zangulus and beneath him are Abel, Nana and <Fish woman>.
04:59:09 PM Sep 5th 2011

  • Not So Different: Shinzoku/Gods and Mazoku/Demons are technically the same kind of creatures, both of whom exist mainly on the Astral side of reality and use a false body to interact with humanity, in addition, the most useful spells, Holy and Black, come from them and are only able to be used as long as the God or Mazoku in question are still alive and available. The only real difference between them is the emotions that they feed off of.

Unless it's pointed out by someone, this isn't really an example of that trope as it's described.
05:27:08 PM Aug 13th 2011
Conversation in the Main Page gone into Thread Mode.

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Sure, it's not a trope, but look me in the eye and tell me it isn't an example.
    • Ok, it's not it's been adapted to the Japanese MAGIUS Role playing system which has a significantly different rule set that D&D in addition most published campaigns in D&D are set in a mid thirteen hundreds setting while Slayers is set in a sixteen hundreds setting.
      • Say what? D&D settings are Anachronism Stew; they aren't set in anything resembling any real time period.
    • But it was adapted from DnD, more or less.
      • It was in fact originally serialized in the Japanese Dragon Magazine.
      • It was also adapted to the Big Eyes, Small Mouth, first as part of the "Tri-Stat" umbrella, and then again as part of the "D20" umbrella... which uses the same mechanics and systems as the Revised 3rd Edition (more commonly called "3.5") Dungeons & Dragons. There's something oddly ironic about that, but this troper can't quite put his finger on it...
      • And some of the D&D rulebook writers, in turn, were so impressed with how the Slayers d20 creators tweaked the rules to create characters with power levels way past the D&D norm that those adjustments were used as a basis for "Advanced D20" rules.

05:21:09 PM Aug 7th 2011
I'd like to make som fairly big changes to the description of Xellos on the Character Sheet. His true identity is a major plot twist in NEXT, and shouldn't be given away in the first line of his character description.

What I'd like to do is make the first part of the description non-spoilery, mostly focusing on his mysterious and trickster-like traits. This would be followed by the phrase "In episode 19, we learn that Xellos is in fact" (or something similar) followed by spoiler-fonted information about what he is, rank, etc. I'd try to keep as much of the current description as possible, reworking the text (as in moving stuff around) rather than erasing what's there now and write an entirely new description. The current one isn't bad, it's just that it hits you with spoilers before you get a chance to look away.

Oh, and I'd try to keep the spoilered-out part as short as I can, but in a continuous white block to avoid the Swiss cheese look.

What do you think?
02:23:00 PM Jun 7th 2010
Why would Try be (possibly) discontinuity as-of Revolution? I've seen all the series with the exception of Evolution-R, and I didn't find anything in Revolution that contradicts Try, but I might just have missed it.
03:22:38 PM Mar 31st 2010
Monk: I understand that when a lion seizes upon his opponent, whether it is a hare or an elephant, he makes an exhaustive use of his power. Pray tell me what this power is? Master: The spirit of sincerity. an old Zen mondo.

What relation is this supposed to have to the Slayers?
09:24:06 PM Apr 8th 2010
A part of context. Because this character archetype isn't from Grimm or something. In NEXT it was even downright lampshaded (by LoN).

It just occured to me that outside traditional Zen areal it's not common knowledge. And that when torn off its archetypes and references, Slayers would make more sense than Stargate for those who never heard of Egyptian mythology, or C.S.Lewis for unacquainted with Christian stuff, but it still have a deeper layer even in adaptation. =)
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