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11:27:27 AM Nov 2nd 2015
edited by daftinquisitor
Zettai Ryouiki: Two times on the trope page, this is used to refer to the Bikini Wish in the Pool Episode. Yet... Zettai Ryouiki specifically involves stockings, a skirt, and nice thighs. The bikinis have neither stockings nor a skirt associated with them, so it seems like those specific instances are a misused trope.

Is there anything I'm missing, or is this accurate? If so, I'll go trim the entries.
03:45:17 AM Aug 10th 2012
Is Sera's Tsubamegaeshi a Shout-Out to Fate/stay night? Tsubame Gaeshi is a real thing but it's actually a judo throw and I think Assassin in Fate/stay night is the only other person who uses it as a sword technique.
10:30:15 AM Jun 21st 2011
The new season is called 「これはゾンビですか? 地獄変」 "Is this a zombie? Strange hell" The Kanji used are 地獄 (Jingoku, meaning "hell") and 変 (hen, meaning "weird, strange and change"). The 変 kanji is the first kanji in 変態 (hentai), so it may be a contraction of "perverted hell", but I imagine that's more of a pun than an intentional thing.

Looking up online, there was a mistranslation of "jingokuhen" on MyAnimeList's forums (based on someone looking "hen" up in a romaji dictionary, I'd wager) — If the kanji for hen was 篇 it would be "hell chapter", but it's not.
02:58:03 PM Mar 7th 2011
Is anyone else just slightly irritated that the fansubs have thoroughly convinced a rather large part of the audience that Sera's trademark insult is "piece of shit" when the word means "dung beetle"? I thought I saw a trope that described something like this once but I can't remember what it's called or I'd put it as an example.
07:43:55 PM Feb 13th 2011
edited by ryanasaurus0077
How about another redirect? This time, it's the abbreviation, "Korezom", a nickname I got from The Other Wiki's page on this series.
04:05:24 AM Feb 8th 2011
"Back From The Dead: She actually says she prevented his death, although there's probably no difference."

Considering the information she shared in episode 4, I would think that there is a difference. Yuu prevented HIS death, but in a way she didn't prevent death; she still "died" so to speak when she made Ayumu a zombie.
11:47:11 AM Jan 27th 2011
There has got to be some trope(s) linking this to Fate/stay night, but I'm not sure what to to use. Shout-Out? Expy? There's Yuu's appearance (basically Saber + Dark Sakura), a protagonist who doesn't die when he's killed... You get the idea.
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