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05:47:11 PM Aug 2nd 2011
What episode had Etou have an Imagine Spot where she imagined a ton of girls covered in naughty tentacles? Was that even from this show? Somebody please help this is driving me crazy.
02:19:52 PM Feb 13th 2011
Is Akuto his first or last name? I'm under the impression that it's his last name, which is why I changed it.
03:16:30 PM Feb 13th 2011
It's in eastern naming order. Sai is his family name, Akuto is his given name.
05:33:15 AM Jun 5th 2010
Ok guy does anyone knows why Hilarity Ensues link show up as broken and yet still works?
08:38:10 PM Jun 4th 2010
Is there some sort of trope for terrible animation/ acting/... everything... but still being disturbingly fun to watch anyway? >.> As that seems highly appropriate for this.
10:27:29 PM Jun 5th 2010
edited by DocHaus
So Bad, It's Good? Keep in mind we're talking about highly subjective tropes here, so you might want to list the show under those pages, but I don't know if you want to list those tropes under the main page for this show.
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