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05:38:41 PM Apr 7th 2018
edited by gjjones
Since Hero is going to air in a few days, this page and the other pages like the character pages will probably go nuts with lockouts. To help this out for tropers who want to add to it, you may:

  • Type your changes separately in the Wiki Sandbox or in a text file on your desktop, then cut and paste them over. Remember, this is not a race to see who adds the trope first.
  • Please don't read over the article when you're in edit mode. This locks out the article for at least 20 minutes and there may be a line waiting to add tropes as you're reading - while on most trope pages this is not a problem, it is a problem when a work is popular. Read the article in normal mode until a few days have passed, then add the tropes if necessary. There will be time when the hype dies down for you to give an in-depth going-over.

I hope this helps.
03:14:59 AM Dec 24th 2017
I think it might be time to start a new entry on the High School Datimes;D Universe as an Expanded Universe article, given the newest version of the SLASHDØG novels were released and also that it encompassed both the light novels and anime.

Also, I have a question. For the previous releases of SLASHDØG, should we consider it Canon Discontinuity?
06:03:12 AM Jun 15th 2017
Kind of odd, but I don't know where this would go. Maybe something like "alternate character interpretation"? I noticed at some point that while Koneko's actions after finally warming up to Issei could be taken as nothing more than a desire to cuddle, there's another way to look at it. While it's ostensibly a show of affection, cats actually rub their faces and butts against things to scent-mark them as their personal property. After Koneko accepts Issei, she starts taking every opportunity she can to plant either her face or her butt in his lap (and crotch). When she told her sister she wouldn't let her have his "....#$#@", I think she was speaking as someone who'd already laid a very clear claim.
08:34:21 PM Apr 28th 2017
edited by Malysano
Having read High School DxD EX recently, I have noticed a ton of incorrect entries about it here. I have already corrected all of the wrong entries I found on the main page, but before I tear into the entries on the sub-pages, I thought it would be a good idea to explain why they're wrong, so that they aren't re-added and no new wrong entries are created.

SPOILERS ABOUND. You have been warned.


High School DxD EX retcons BorN.
  • NO, IT DOES NOT! I write this in capital letters and italics because this mistake is so common and so very wrong. This is the story of EX: roughly 30 years in the future, creatures from another dimension invade the DxD world. Later, Loki escapes prison and throws in with them; he curses Asia, then he and the Underworld Lifeforms (as the invaders are called) travel back in time and start creating alternate timelines. Issei's children follow Loki in order to capture him and study him so they can figure out how to undo the curse on Asia. That is it.

Other Misconceptions

1. Ex Gemory is the hero and main character of High School DxD EX.
  • No, he is not. EX is Japanese shorthand that simply designates that the story is a spinoff, similar to how the dedicated short story collections are called High School DxD DX. The fact that the story has a character named Ex is coincidental. The Azazel from the present narrates all 6 parts of EX, and Ex Gemory gets no more focus than any of the other older children.
2. Ex Gremory is the leader of Issei's children.
  • No. Ex, like all of Issei's little time travelers, reports to the Gasper from 30 years in the future (hereby designated "Future Gasper"). In fact, on at least two separate instances, other members of the team scold Ex, once for being reckless and once for not following orders.
3. EX reveals that Issei has over 20 children.
  • No. We meet 10 of his children, and they say there are others who are too young to fight, but no number is given. He could have 13 kids, or he could have 100.
4. Issei's children travel back in time to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • Not really. Future Gasper says that his team is part of an "advance party" setting things up so that all of the divergent timelines can eventually be collapsed into a singular timeline, and one of Issei's kids says that they have to fix the timeline because one of their brothers ceased to exist, but that is not what EX is about. EX is about capturing Loki in order to save Future Asia, and all alternate timelines are still intact when EX ends.
5. Loki kills the Chichigami.
  • The Chichigami never makes an appearance in any DxD story. A seirei (servant, literally "spirit" or "ghost") of the Chichigami interacts with Issei in Volume 7, and Loki somehow prevents that from happening in one timeline. In the timeline Issei's children travel back to, the Chichigami seirei encounter has already happened. Present-day Azazel is the one who brings it up in the first place while discussing the nature of the Underworld Lifeforms' time-tampering with Issei's sons Kurenai and Zen.
6. Killing the Chichigami resulted in the BorN timeline
  • See above; the discrepancies between the light novel and the BorN timeline started before the Chichigami's seirei was supposed to appear.
7. High School DxD EX is a new series.
  • No, it is a standalone novel, albeit one that was originally bundled in parts. There are certainly enough Sequel Hooks for Ishibumi to write more of the story, but there is no indication that he actually will.

Whew, I ended up writing more than I initially intended. Any questions, comments, additions, or corrections?

11:12:15 AM Apr 2nd 2017
I'm thinking that we should avoid adding early-bird spoilers on the anime's fourth season until it premieres on television. Thoughts?
02:12:27 PM Apr 2nd 2017
Sounds good!
03:54:36 PM Mar 27th 2014
Guys, could Yuto Kiba be considered a form of expy to Fate/Stay Night's Shirou Emiya? They have a common tragic event past, being saved by someone, and Sword Birth is quite similar to UBW in terms of actual effect, as well as both characters being Chick Magnets. Of course, the main difference would be Shirou originally going for justice while Yuto originally goes for vengeance (so Hero and Anti-hero).
03:44:04 AM Mar 28th 2014
That is kind of a weak similarity. I would not qualify it.
10:11:43 AM Mar 9th 2014
I would like to talk about the concept of an angel "falling". I think I can present a logical argument as to why an angel could have sex without falling. If we say that making life is holy, as it could be said then automatically sex is ok, so off the top we can say that sex is ok as long as say for example Irina gets pregnant then she wouldn't fall. If you say that since Issei doesn't love Irina then it's bad, well I just say, it would be putting "making life" ahead of your own feelings, therefore being selfless. So as long as Issei gets Irina pregnant and then manages to make sure the baby survives, then Irina wouldn't fall. What do you guys have to say about it?
08:53:46 PM Sep 17th 2013
Greetings, this is my first post as a member of TV Tropes so I hope that people would forgive me for any mistakes that I would make. Without further ado, I would like to add a few things to TV Tropes regarding Highschool Dx D (light novel) which is mostly "Wild Mass Guessing" for fun:

1-Chichigami-sama (the Breast God) is represented by none other than Paio II, the trope pantheon's goddess of boobies. It would be funny/awesome if they add that fact to her profile and have Issei promoted to becoming her high-priest.

2-During the conflict against enemy vampires, Gasper will bite Issei in the neck to such his blood and bring Ho Yay to a whole new "dangerous" level as a result. Kiba might actually feel envious of Gasper as a result.

3-If Gasper is suffering because of the cruelty of the enemy vampires, expect Issei to inspire him to fight on and remind him that he is the "Danball Vampire God" with insane yet awesome Danball Vampire action as a result.

4-The next time Issei obtains a power up from Rias' breasts, it will cause Ryuutimaru (Issei's familiar which is a living ship) to evolve. Why, it might have a nude Rias as the figurehead at the prow.
11:16:44 AM Sep 17th 2012
I was considering starting separate character pages for each of the groups of characters (Occult Club, Student Council, Devils, Angels/Fallen Angels, Mythologies, Dragons, and the Khaos Brigade's three factions) because the current characters page is too big and difficult to navigate through. I'm currently starting a prototype page on Notepad, so I should have it up in a few weeks' time.
07:53:18 PM Mar 8th 2012
edited by ShiroiHane
Does this "Ddraig" spelling come from anywhere in particular (i.e. official source)? Because it is wrong. For one, the katakana indicates it is to be pronounced Draig, not Ddraig (in Welsh they are distinctly different, and for another - it shouldn't be mutated in the first place: "Dragon" is "Draig", "The Dragon" would be "Y Ddraig", "My Dragon" would be "Fy Ddraig". Since there is nothing before the name that would cause it to mutate, it should not be mutated. Besides, if it is being used as a name I don't think it would mutate anyway. Unfortunately the Funimation/niconico streams are locked to the US/CA.
12:08:47 AM Mar 9th 2012
When specifically is the name mentioned in the anime (if it's even mentioned at all)? I can check the exact spot if I know where to look...
04:58:18 PM Mar 9th 2012
edited by salvadorfranz
we're just following the Light Novels so until they release the official name in the anime which should be soon, we're just using it as is...

should be after the Rating Game
03:52:43 AM Mar 10th 2012
The name hasn't come up in the anime then? When you say the light novels, do you mean it was given at some point romanised, or just what some translator has decided on?
07:42:42 AM Mar 10th 2012
edited by salvadorfranz
some translator decided on it.

when the anime comes to that point (which should be next episode or 2 give or take), then we'll get to find out if it's Draig or Ddraig.


Think I know the reason why he decided on Ddraig.

keep forgetting Ise's dragon inside him is a Welsh Dragon, so Ddraig would make a lot more sense.
12:59:29 PM Mar 15th 2012
edited by ShiroiHane
(just tried to reply at Literature.High School DXD because the discussion page hadn't moved, but now it has and my reply got wiped...)

Ddraig would only make sense if his name was "Y Ddraig" ("The Dragon"). The lemma is Draig, of which Ddraig is a soft mutation. In Welsh "dd" and "d" are distinctly different letters (dd is a digraph so treated as a single letter); "d" is pronounced the same as in English while "dd" is pronounced like the "th" in "the".

Wikipedia indicates the pronunciation is "Doraig". While it is certainly possible for the Japanese author to have got it wrong, it is still the case that on its own the word would not be mutated.

I failed my Welsh GCSE 17 years ago, but even I know this much. Terry Pratchett Lampshaded this sort of thing in Soul Music with Imp 'pronouncing' everything with extra 'l's.
08:26:55 PM Mar 16th 2012
ok so I lied. It wasn't episode 11 when the dragon appeared.

maybe final episode aka ep 12.
07:37:27 AM Mar 23rd 2012
edited by salvadorfranz
Ha! It was Ddraig after all.

Even the nico douga/funimation subtitle says Ddraig.

EDIT again: gaaaaaaaaaaaaay... won't let me upload the image in here..
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