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04:08:02 AM Sep 15th 2012
There was a joke I never got in the episode/ova "Flight 005 Conspiracy". The pair arrive in a spaceport and are greeted by an agent who has never met them before but immediately knows it's them. The... red haired one is like "How'd you know it was us?" and the male agent is like "well...." and then starts laughing nervously. And the red-haired one starts laughing enthusiastically. And the blue-haired one looks at them both annoyed. What was up with that joke?
04:50:45 AM Sep 15th 2012
Presumably, it's the skimpy outfits.
12:10:17 AM Feb 12th 2011
I removed this part:
  • Also, no other 3WA TroCons are ever shown.
because there were a few other ones: episode 17 began with a trouble consultant named "Alan Jamis" being murdered, OVA episodes 6 and 8 had Beryl, and OVA episode 5 had the Bruce Lee Clone that this page mentions.
11:08:01 PM Sep 27th 2011
The "Bruce Lee Clone" is Li Sui-Ryu ("Dragon Lee"), another WWWA Trouble Consultant from a separate (briefer) series of books, also by Takachiho Haruka. The OVA episode in question is an adaptation of the short story "Soshite Daremo Shinakunatta" <And Then Nobody Played>; Takachiho apparently thought it would be fun to have Li cross paths with the Lovely Angels. (The story, by the way, accompanies, in compilation, the novel *Daatipea no Dairansen* <The Great Turmoil of the Dirty Pair>, in which K & Y meet up with Dan and the 2140s generation (and founders) of the Crushers (including Bard and Talos [before his "accident"] . )
05:02:02 AM Nov 5th 2010
I removed this one:
  • Streamlined - Some of the movies in the early 90s were Streamlined to make it better for Americans to watch it.
because that page has been renamed to "Streamline Pictures" and its page type is "creator" (not "trope"), so it shouldn't be in the list of tropes. (This page already has a link to it near the top, above the list.)
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