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09:14:29 AM Oct 3rd 2017
Is it just that nobody is interested in this series (I know I sure am not) that the YMMV section is so barren? Because I know for a fact that there are elements of the show that are quite divisive and would warrant YMMV entries, yet there only seems to be the one entry.
07:10:22 PM Mar 12th 2015
I haven't read the novels to say, but I heard that in an extra chapter (or something like that) Lafiel, after ascending to power, is expected to produce an heir and thus must select a gene donor; as I understand it, she already has someone in mind. Can anyone confirm this, and if so, is there somewhere this can be added?
04:53:02 AM Mar 13th 2015
As far as I am aware of, Lafiel was appointed as Interim Crown Princess following events that transpired in Banner V which is the latest novel volume released (for your information, the anime adapted up to Banner III only, namely the Banner of the Stars III OVA). Although she received an unprecedented triple promotion to Admiral in the process, she still have a long way to go before "ascending to power", especially since her new rank and status occurred almost at the end of the volume. So I would say the extra chapter is either false or the content misinterpreted. Hope this helps!
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