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05:07:27 PM Jan 15th 2014
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Wandering around YouTube, I found what looks like an official gag reel of the anime: I Am Delusional, Therefore I Want To Rebel!. This is the only translated episode I found so far, though. Should it go on the main page?
12:18:00 AM Dec 7th 2012
Could Rikka's club be considered a Five-Man Band, with Rikka as The Leader, Yuuta as The Lancer, Shinka as The Smart Guy, Sanae as The Big Guy, Kumin as The Chick, and Isshiki as the Sixth Ranger?
12:31:38 AM Dec 7th 2012
You just answered your own question.
12:36:14 AM Dec 7th 2012
Okay good, I just wasn't sure if they really fit those roles or not. Thanks.
08:35:57 PM Nov 12th 2012
So, does this syndrome happen to exist in real life? How do you acquire it? How does it manifest on its victims?
08:51:31 PM Nov 12th 2012
I'd consider my own younger self as an example, but I'd prefer not to talk about it for obvious reasons.

Can we just keep that sort of discussion on the forums, please?
02:00:49 PM Oct 16th 2012
I would like to remind tropers that they should wick any trope examples added to the work page or its subpages. 9 wicks for a page of this length is, in my opinion, already too few.
10:02:08 AM Oct 8th 2012
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a question before I add or not an example: is Rikka's whole cursed mismatched eye hidden under an eye-patch a shout-out to Another or is that thing common enough so the reference is not specific?
03:52:32 PM Oct 9th 2012
I doubt Another was the first with an eyepatch on moe, just the most recent. Then again this is specifically an eyepatch covering a hidden power. Chuunibyou was published after Another, so chronologically it could make sense.
10:16:09 PM Oct 11th 2012
No. She's doing it to look cool. The phenomenon has it's own page under "Evil Eye"
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