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12:17:24 PM Aug 3rd 2014
Is it accurate to create They Killed Cyan Pile Again and even say he can't win a battle? He did lose a lot one-on-one battles, but he participated in Tag Duels with Silver Crow at least once (and winning, because the latter wouldn't get any points otherwise) and also participated in at least one winning Territory Battle.
12:21:36 PM Aug 3rd 2014
I have two concerns about the entry; one, the trope is They Killed Kenny Again and trope names should not be potholed; two, that trope is about people being killed repeatedly as a Running Gag. The entry needs to say how he gets killed repeatedly and always returns afterwards as a Running Gag - and the work page suggests that this isn't the case.
05:25:10 AM Aug 4th 2014
I haven't read AW beyond vol. 6, but what you said until then is true. Cyan Pile didn't get killed repeatedly as a Running Gag.

I propose that the entry should be deleted.
09:14:17 AM Aug 4th 2014
Removed it.
08:23:15 PM Jun 24th 2013
Can someone give confirmation as to whether or not the tropes associated with each color under "Color-Coded for Your Convenience" are accurate? I can't find any information confirming such.
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