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09:27:15 PM Dec 22nd 2013
I have questions about the rather or not the Railgun series is actually a spin-off because it doesn't fit in any of the categories. The closest one it fits into is the shared continuity category but with all of the aspects being reversed 1: All of the characters from the original show up in it and hold an importance to the plot. 2: The plot of both series runoff each other, Railgun has some things look like a Deus Ex Machina that are further explained in the Index, while it conversely gives a more clear and better understanding of the details of science side for the Index. Both are practically essential to properly understand the full extent of the overall plot of the franchise. 3: The Railgun manga was originally created for purpose of better understanding the plot, characters and timeline of the Index series while telling it through the eyes of its minor and secondary characters. Conclusion: Wouldn't all this mean that A Certain Scientific Railgun is not a "Spin-Off" but an entire "Lower Deck Series?"
09:27:12 PM Dec 22nd 2013
I have questions about the rather or not the Railgun series is actually a spin-off because it doesn't fit in any of the categories. The closest one it fits into is the shared continuity category but with all of the aspects being reversed 1: All of the characters from the original show up in it and hold an importance to the plot. 2: The plot of both series runoff each other, Railgun has some things look like a Deus Ex Machina that are further explained in the Index, while it conversely gives a more clear and better understanding of the details of science side for the Index. Both are practically essential to properly understand the full extent of the overall plot of the franchise. 3: The Railgun manga was originally created for purpose of better understanding the plot, characters and timeline of the Index series while telling it through the eyes of its minor and secondary characters. Conclusion: Wouldn't all this mean that A Certain Scientific Railgun is not a "Spin-Off" but an entire "Lower Deck Series?"
02:04:45 PM Sep 2nd 2013
Shouldn't the trope Fantasy Kitchen Sink be added to the Toaru Majutsu no Index page? I mean, yeah, it's a Science vs. Magic setting but even so, there are things that really stand out as...making more or less sense, even considering the universe: Vampires, Ninjas, Zombies (okay, one, but still), Valkyries, Cyborgs, microbes on Mars, etc. See what I mean?
11:50:11 AM Apr 4th 2013
The character pages are going to be organized. Please check here if you have something to contribute.
03:20:25 PM Nov 6th 2012
Is Touma Unskilled, but Strong or Weak, but Skilled? He's listed in the character pages as Unskilled, but Strong but personally I think he's Weak, but Skilled. For one thing the power to "erase any magic or esper powers with his right hand" isn't all that useful when you consider the fact that it only covers his right hand, it can't be turned off so it cancels even beneficial magic, and well most importantly guns. Yet he still manages to take on ridiculously strong opponents with it. Also it's been mentioned before (by Lessar iirc) that another person with the same power wouldn't be able to use it half as effectively.

06:35:37 PM Jan 20th 2013
I agree he's closer to Weak But Skilled. A lot of his victories are by instinct, reaction time and ingenuity, something Accelerator mulls over during their rematch.
07:28:42 AM Oct 21st 2012
This item has a stray Fetish Fuel wick that needs to be removed along with the Chained Sinkhole.
10:53:38 AM Jun 24th 2012
Can Academy City be counted as a Land of One City? They do have a high grade of autonomy, despite being part of Japan, they have visa (e.g. Touma needed one to get out of AC), customs (it's said coupla times, in the anime at least, that hey search for weapons and stuff at entry) and even wage wars against other countries. I'd say that SHOULD count, right?
05:56:00 PM Jun 25th 2012
Yes they are their own country. They even have an independence day. They use Japanese currency but other than that they are completely separate
08:46:04 PM Jun 25th 2012
edited by arisboch
Not bad, I didn't knew (I didn't read the light novels... When I get my cool phone, in a coupla day, I hope, I'll do that on it). So adding a link to that trope would be in order, right? And thanks for the info! :) Although, Touma's travel passport was issued in Tokyo (could be not strictly canon, since it was in the To Aru Majutsu No Index II animé), but that could just mean, that his passport was issued, before he went to Academy City or that he isn't a permament citizen or that he has dual citizenship (I don't know, since, as I said, didn't read the Light Novels).
02:40:31 PM May 24th 2012
Can anybody think of a new laconic to use? Frankly the one that's there right now is just insulting, and plain wrong.
07:03:41 AM May 25th 2012
^Taking it to the forums.
12:12:12 PM May 27th 2012
Care to post a link? I can't find it (new to the forums). Thanks.
12:26:06 PM May 27th 2012
09:35:33 AM Dec 18th 2011
edited by LiberatedLiberater
Trimmed down the description for the following reasons:
  • It's getting a bit gushy. I admit that I added some of the more gushy parts, but the wiki's aim is to be more neutral. Plus, I believe there is no need to rub in the fact that the novels are best-sellers.
  • There's a link to the character sheet at the top. There's also no need to put it in the description.
  • The listing of the currently translated/released volumes is getting a bit cluttered. Reworded them so that there would be no need to update it that frequently.
  • I also expanded the summary a bit, since the original one didn't exactly say much about what the plot was about.

So anyway, if you disagree with the changes I made, please feel free to explain your reasons for disagreeing.
05:46:14 PM May 8th 2011
We need to stop this edit warring on the caption for the picture.
11:01:16 PM May 8th 2011
edited by Spirit
I'll confess I edited it once, but I agree. This is starting to get out of hand.
04:28:43 PM May 22nd 2011
I haven't seen any of the changes. What are the captions people are switching between?
05:11:18 AM May 23rd 2011
Its kind of died down. People kept bashing Himegami in the quote. It was switching between "all of these characters can kick your ass" (which is what we have now I believe), and something like "all of these characters can kick your ass, except Himegami".
11:07:55 AM May 24th 2011
Then maybe the statement should be changed entirely. Just a thought. (Unless you can quote where Himegami can hold her own in a fight.)
05:30:15 AM May 25th 2011
I honestly have no clue on what to change it to if we did, I just think that any changes should be proposed here first, instead of edited back and forth.
09:58:02 AM Apr 3rd 2011
Does anybody know if they are planning on doing a third season of To Aru Majutsu No Index?
05:08:50 AM Apr 4th 2011
It has not been announced. I would expect to find out by mid April.
11:04:29 PM May 8th 2011
Index S1 first aired in October of 2008, Railgun S1 October 2009, and Index S2 October 2010.

If tradition continues Index S3/Railgun S2 should start in October 2011. So we should get word sometime in the summer.
07:54:40 PM Jun 25th 2011
edited by Spirit
Update: JC Staff has the final season of Shana planned in the fall, so another season of Raildex this year is unlikely.
07:10:30 PM Aug 25th 2011
They're also airing Zero no Tsukaima 4 in Winter. Likely date for a new season of Raildex is Spring 2012 or Fall 2012.
09:58:00 AM Apr 3rd 2011
Does anybody know if they are planning on doing a third season of To Aru Majutsu No Index?
07:41:46 PM Mar 9th 2011
I'm stuck on where to put this, so I'm sorry if it's not supposed to be here.

I've been wondering for quite a while now why there isn't a separate page for Railgun by now. The main page is getting longer as the series drags on, so it should be due for separation soon.

Problem is, due to the sorting of the page, I have no idea how to start splitting the page. So... um... help please?
06:51:43 AM Mar 30th 2011
I am going to propose a split on the forum thread. Then we can determine what will be done.
05:20:49 AM Dec 7th 2010
How much would change if Touma didn't lost his memories saving Index? Like, what if the feather of DOOM had touched him on his back.

It is my personal opinion that it would change considerably his interaction with the other characters. The way he put up with Index's antics, the whole "Dragon-arm" incident, his raction the the death of Misaka Imouto, his fight with Accel, the fact that Touma was suposed to start developing the Imagine Breaker somehow (acording to Crowley's plans), those are just the tip of the iceberg.

09:12:11 PM May 9th 2011
From what little we know of Touma from before he changes his memory, it doesn't look like much will change in the way of him getting involved with saving everyone. The only real change would be towards how he interacts with people.

One theory I seen kicked around is that Touma allows Index to bite him without much resistanceis that he simply doesn't remember how he acted towards her before, so retaining his memories that this isn't something that has been happening since forever might cause him to make her stop.
09:07:42 PM May 17th 2011
Actually it's hinted by Terra that old Touma knew of Imagine Breaker's full potenital. Don't know how much that changes but it's something.
11:12:23 AM May 24th 2011
Before Touma came to Academy City, people kept blaming their bad luck on him (whether it was just because they were in close proximity to the misfortune aimed at him or because they actually experienced bad luck while being near him, I don't know).
12:55:32 AM May 28th 2011
It wasn't really hinted that pre-amnesia knew Imagine Breaker's full potential, indeed it was more that Terra knew and was mocking Touma (Terra didn't know Touma had amnesia in the first place).
09:30:15 PM Nov 3rd 2010
Anyone that has readed To aru majutsu no index knows that Touma lost his memories. So why do you think he lost his memories. Is it because his former self before he lost his memories is strong enough to have a story breaker power (after all in Vol. 22 he did scare Fiamma of the right). Or is it because his past is related to the plot and that if he still had his memories the events in the plot wouldn't have happened. So whats your opinion of why he lost his memories
07:05:08 AM Dec 5th 2010
edited by minusmagniaxe
First because he could end up too broken since after the end of the end of the first arc he could end up asking if Index what else she knew about his right hand - she deduced it's efects after seeing it once, after all. Not to mention the dragon-arm incident where the alchemist got munched, Touma himself mentioned the low probability of that being the guy's doing.

The second is probably the fact that a amnesiac guy probably is afected by the dulcineia efect more easily than a normal guy. His ractions to the events that would follow would be different. He could take the death of the Misaka Imouto much more personally and do something he would later regret (I fear for the albino, not the hero). The butterfly of Doom could kick in with the worst kinds of efects.
06:05:31 AM Jul 22nd 2010
Thought I would start a discussion relating to the recent edit war over Railgun being a more Popular spinoff.

Apparently the DVD sales are better, so it qualifies, but there is a disagreement over why it is more popular.

07:29:23 AM Aug 25th 2010
Personally, I thought Index suffered from a lack of focus. There are always sacrifices to be made when trying to adapt a written work for TV, but it seemed JC Staff wasn't sure what to cut out. As a result, the early episodes tried to do too much and ended up being a muddled mess. Start off with cute characters then throw in some scary fire monster. Hero starts to fight scary monster but instead talks with magician guy for the rest of the episode. Hero finally understands the situation, then ends up with amnesia (which actually scared me into thinking Stiyl might end up having to REPEAT all that endless exposition).

Even when the Index anime finally got rid of the mid-fight talkfests, it introduced characters that would figure in a story arc, then be discarded (Himegami comes to mind). It gave the impression that they were plot devices instead of people.

Railgun, by contrast, seems to have been more planned out. They have a recurring cast of major and minor characters, none of whom just drop in then vanish. The people in the stories lead their own lives, experience character development, and they stick around. The final episode lets everybody - even the minor characters - have their Big Damn Heroes moment, and even the episodes that seemed like filler before (like the one that focuses on the Anti-Skill Glasses Girl whose name I can't remember) end up being important in the big picture at the end.
10:20:27 AM Sep 2nd 2010
edited by
The Anti-Skill Tessou??? Oh, yeah! That was very important. *sarcasm* Isn't seemed, in fact is a filler. The Canon Filler Arc with Telestina was supposed to be a characterDevelopment for Mikoto about her confidence with her friends but then you have the Sisters Arc which will make a Character Derailment on her returning her to the state before the Level Upper incidents.

In Index the character where just introduced. What makes you think the characters were discarded? There is more than 23 volumes of light novels and those "discarded characters" will appear more and more in accord to the story, even those who have a dislike from some fandoms will become main protagonists for example Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage.
09:37:14 PM Jan 23rd 2012
I say Mikoto becomes sort of an Ensemble Darkhorse turned Spotlight-Stealing Squad for the series, considering that she has more creative uses of her powers than a certain Unlucky Everydude with an Anti-Magic right hand.

Perhaps the entire reason why Touma wins his fights against overpowered espers and magicians is that he can block his opponents' attacks with Imagine Breaker and nothing else. If his opponent knows a way around IB, uses a gun, or is physically superior, he's screwed.
09:37:14 PM Jan 23rd 2012
edited by judasmartel
Deleted double post.
11:44:10 PM Dec 22nd 2013
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The Index anime isn't unfocused the problem is that you are focusing on the wrong things. The actual plot of the Index anime is told through subtle and hidden aspects of the individual, seemingly unrelated, mini-story-arcs in which they leave you to logically figure out the real plot yourself by adding them together.

For example at the end of the Index arc, Index shoots a laser beam that Touma deflects straight upwards blasting off his teacher’s roof and destroying a satellite. But let’s think about that for second, that satellite is capable of literally predicting the future, so how is it that it just happened to be over the exact spot, at the exact time to be shot down by the same person, who without having any prior knowledge of either, would only a few days later destroy a multibillion dollar government project created by that same satellite which could not have been stopped if the satellite wasn't already destroyed in the first place, the odds seem a bit too astronomical, no pun intended. But it was explained in season 2 when Vento of the Front attacked Academy City, Aelisters's response was to activate his main line of defense against magicians invading Academy City, but what he did he do. As a mainline of defense for Academy City, he kidnapped Last Order in order to forcefully hook Hyouka Kazakiri to the MISAKA network and input a virus that would turn Hyouka into a scientific angel created from the aim diffusion fields of espers that are harmful to magicians and use her to spread and imbue all of the magicians on the planet with them by using the MISAKA network which has been placed around the world. But logically there is no way that this could be a main line of defense for Academy City from the beginning, unless Aelister had already known that the MISAK As would be taken to different facilities around the world spreading out the network first, but he couldn't have known that if he didn't already know that the project was going to fail, but there was no way it could have failed if it wasn't for the satellite being destroyed, in conclusion, logically the entire events concerning the satellite and the level 6 shift and Hyouka have been planned out from the beginning in order to battle the magicians in Academy City much later. Political manipulation at its best.

The entire plot of the series is presented in this manner. Through this method a bunch of seemingly random mini-story-arcs are linked together through very well placed complicated underlying plot. In a story about science/magic they decided to present the plot just like illusion/magic trick, they show you the story in one hand but the reveal of what's actually going on is in the other, even still you have to be attentive to see it. Oh and by the way even though Himegami was designed from the beginning to be a character that could never be the heroine, so much so that it is even running gag, the Deep Blood Arc hold a few very, very important aspects about the overall plot, trust me, it isn’t pointless.

08:32:30 PM Dec 18th 2014
I disagree. Index isn't that clever.

While some of the arcs blend together in subtle ways, the mood, setting, and characters in each arc are very inconsistent, and when they are being consistent, it's usually goes like this: Touma is having a normal day, Index or some other girl gets annoyed at him, Touma meets someone and inadvertently becomes wrapped up in their problem. The arcs often slingshot between a serious government/underworld conspiracy, to exaggerated school antics and fanservice.

One of the seemingly more important plot points, the main character having amnesia, is utterly ignored in the anime - Touma manages to fake his way through life, and after Angel Fall this becomes trivial. The satellite destroyed in the prologue doesn't matter until the anime's second season, more than 15-20 episodes later. This is an event that occurs days to weeks between those seasons.

Index tries to include characters from Railgun, despite it being a spin-off. A few of these characters take up a good deal of the action in the show, when the action should be focused on Touma and Index.

Characters like Accelerator and Last Order, who are more central to Index's supposed storyline, receive random asides and less attention than the constant fanservice from minor characters like Fukiyose and Hinegami.

The anime is very unfocused. It wants to have action, comedy, romantic comedy, science-fiction, technobabble, and mystery, but it's so intermittent, it's grating.
10:33:19 PM May 17th 2010
Can someone with a better grasp of physics than I please explain how Mikoto creates and uses a railgun from electricity? I thought you needed actual rails for one of those to work.
12:28:18 PM May 18th 2010
Mikotos railgun can be explained by the application of a fundamental principle of physics known as Rule of Cool
02:02:53 PM May 19th 2010
Fair enough. Supposing she could make as much damn electricity as she wanted, what would she need to actually make a railgun?
12:58:15 AM May 20th 2010
Electricity has a big weakness: it needs to flow to the ground to be effective. This means that unless you up the voltage enough (like, say, Mikoto's "final attack", the one that's so powerful it blew Academy City's power grid when it was used) a pair of rubber-soled shoes is all the defense you need against electric attacks.

As for the railgun, it's actually possible if she uses her fingers as rails and is able to pump enough current into the coin. This, however, presents two problems: one, current-day railguns aren't usable in practical situations yet because the rails (which needless to say are made of materials many times stronger than flesh and bone) tend to break down after a couple of shots; two, it doesn't explain how she was able to shoot a big chunk of metal in the final episode just by punching it.

Point one can be handwaved as Required Secondary Powers; point two, however, has no good explaination, unless the "railgun" is actually a coilgun, which still uses electricity to propel metal projectiles, but with a vastly different method (rather than flowing through the metal object, the current is used to generate a succession of precisely timed magnetic fields).
12:38:58 AM May 21st 2010
The punching can be explained in-universe. She launches 'launches' a coin through her 'railgun' by snapping it into the air, and then flicking it again with her thumb. So, what'd'ya do when your projectile is too big to flick? Falcon... PAWNCH! Magic A is Magic A, and all that.

Now, if I understand a coilgun correctly, it's the same principle as the Slingshot Effect you see in space flicks now and then, except it's been weaponized. It seems to me that that isn't too far of a stretch at all, given what's been shown of Mikoto's power levels. All that's really required is some very precise electromagnetic field manipulation.

Out of curiosity, are pennies magnetic?
01:41:47 AM May 21st 2010
edited by whitetigah
I'm not sure I get the slingshot effect analogy. In any case, a quick explaination on how a coilgun works: you have a piece of magnetic metal at one end of a barrel, which is lined with coils that produce magnetic fields; you switch on the coils, and the metal starts moving, attracted by the magnetic fields; when it passes the first coil you switch it off, so its magnetic field doesn't slow down the projectile; you do the same for the second, third, fourth, etc. coils until the end of the barrel, so the projectile leaves the barrel at a high velocity. This requires precise manipulation of the magnetic fields, in case it's not done in a confined space (i.e.: a barrel in which the bullet can go in only one direction) to avoid the projectile veering out of trajectory, and precise timing in switching off the successive magnetic fields.

I don't think pennies are magnetic, since they're made out of non-magnetic metals (zinc and copper). In any case the point is moot if we look at real life railguns, since they're able to shoot all conductive materials (all metals and a fair share of carbon compounds, including synthetic diamonds if you include a doping agent such as boron in the formula); for coilguns, however, the bullet must be magnetic. Looking at the anime, however, I don't think Mikoto uses pennies: they look like some sort of arcade token, so it's possible she searched through trial and error which coins worked best with whatever means of shooting them (railgun or coilgun) she's using.
06:54:10 PM Jun 3rd 2010
Actually Mikoto uses Arcade coins which melts when reach about 50 m. Also her powers like many other espers in this sci-fi are based on Rule of Cool, the author just make them a bit more "realistic" by using some theories/principles from our world/science.
02:32:22 AM Nov 2nd 2010
The entire point of ESP in this series is, that every Esper is in fact a Reality Warper and can change the rules of the nature laws to a certain extent. In case of Mikoto, she can create electromagnetic phenomens and powers everywhere and everytime, without any natural causes and very precise (for example, she can decide that her magnetic waves only effect iron sand and nothing else!)

However, to use your powers to full extent they must at first learn WHICH rules you can change! It´s very likely that Mikoto could only create the railgun, after she learned how an real railgun works and how to imitate the magnetic field and power.
04:07:23 PM Jun 29th 2011
Rails are only a part of a railgun insofar as they conduct electricity and generate the appropriate magnetic fields relative to the projectile. If you have the ability to just send electricity wherever you want then you don't need rails at all, or I guess you could say the air itself acts as your rails. In real life we would need something to function as rails, but that's just because we aren't psychically able to control the path of electricity with our minds. Misaka doesn't need rails to make a railgun for the exact same reason she doesn't need wires to zap people. She's not just a passive generator of electricity, she controls it.

Frankly I'm not sure why people pay so much attention to details of a railgun. To me, that seems like missing the forest for the trees, in that you're looking too closely at the details of how railguns are constructed that you're forgetting how they work, which is of course the more important part.
09:32:49 PM Jan 23rd 2012
There's speculation that Mikoto's Railgun still works without recognizable rails because she makes rails out of thin air. Sure, air is a natural insulator, but there's a certain voltage limit that can turn an insulator into a conductor, and that depends on the insulator. Some counter-arguments would be:
  • Air does not make good rails because it does not make electricity arc in a straight line like the steel rails in a real railgun do. My guess is that the coin Mikoto uses for her Railgun does not travel in a perfectly straight line, but rather in a circular motion along a straight line like a screwdriver pitch.
08:03:15 AM Mar 29th 2010
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Discuss about the keep or delete the next tropes:
  • Misaimed Fandom - Due to Last Order's speculation, some fans think Accelerator is not a monster but just a misunderstood person who was force to participate in the horrible Level 6 Shift Project and didn't want to kill the Sister clones. Unfortunately, fans seems to forgot this one fact, Accelerator is the most powerful esper in Academy City and his powers makes him invincible, so how on earth can he be "force to participate" when the people responible for the project can't harm or even touch him in first place, in fact he could have stop right now and kill the project scientists to end it but he didn't. Even this fact is ask by Mikoto when she first encounter Accelerator after he killed Misaka 9982. The reason? He wanted to be A God. Accelerator in fact explains to Misaka 10,032 that he willingly participated in the project to become a Level 6 and even admits he enjoy of torturing and killing the Sisters because he never saw them a humans but things to be killed. While he now does a Heel–Face Turn, he's still is a Complete Monster in the way he kill his opponents/victims.

  • Draco in Leather Pants - Three words: Ac-Bloody-Celerator. Seriously, fangirls: This is a handsome boy, yes, but a cold blooded, nihilistic sadistic psychopath who takes pleasure in the pain of others who has been kind to one child is still a cold blooded, nihilistic sadistic psychopath who takes pleasure in the pain of others. To quote one Governor Swann "One good deed does not redeem a lifetime of wickedness."

My arguments are based on the events of the series(from the novels, not only from the scenes from the manga), in fact the character himself admited he is not a good person a considers himself as a bastard, is not a "saint" but also isn't a "complete monster", is showed that the character still wants to redeem himself and thats why I was saying that both are already included in Alternate Character Interpretation and tropes like Even Evil Has Standards, Never Hurt an Innocent, Neutral Evil and Even Evil Has Loved Ones can fit the description better. If you watched the main series please, help with your opinion.
09:26:30 AM Mar 29th 2010
edited by
If the anime is right, he saved more people than he killed when he hacked the 9969 sisters throught Last order who were programmed to kill humans and each sister is a different points around the world, then many people were saved from getting killed. Alternate Character Interpretation is fine.
10:18:05 AM Mar 29th 2010
Also, it's important to note that while he started off on the far side of the Moral Event Horizon, he's trying to climb back out.

Case in point, the above-mentioned hacking of the Sisters; he could have achieved the exact same effect (nullifying the Sister's thread) by simply killing Last Order, but he didn't. Even when the (other) bad guy on the scene pulled a gun on him, putting his life directly at risk — even at that point, rather than continuing hacking and leave himself defenseless, he could have used his powers to kill Last Order and then defend himself. It was a split-second, life-or-death decision, and he chose the "good" path.

Also, later in the novels it's shown that he absolutely loathes Touma. Not because Touma defeated him, but because he looks up to Touma, since he is a "hero", which is everything Accelerator knows he can't be. Make of that what you will, in my opinion it shows that he's come to regret his past action and he's trying to atone for them. Whether or not he started this way (i.e.: he was regretting his actions even as he was killing the Sisters) is open to debate, since it's not made clear either way.
10:42:20 AM Mar 29th 2010
I think the Misaimed Fandom will still need to be kept to remind people Accelerator is not an innocent person but was a boy who grew to become a monster who killed anyone in his way to become powerful and feared. While he's now "nice", the reason he became that way was because of Last Order and their guardians who taught him redemption and he learn to regret all the terrible things he's done so he's trying to make up for it by protecting his love ones, even if it means becoming a monster again. The Misaimed Fandom trope, in my opinion, needs to stay so others will remember that Accelerator wasn't a woobie who was "force" to kill the Sisters in the Sisters Project, he was a mess up, sadistic kid who willingly join the Sisters project to kill the Sisters so he would become the most powerful and feared Esper. Also i think a Redemption trope added for Accelerator for what he's doing now.
11:20:25 AM Mar 29th 2010
More than "forced" he was "persuaded" to do that, with a premise like "becoming so powerful that nobody will try to attack him again", nobody will hurt themselves and he will have a peaceful life which he never had since child.
11:02:14 PM Apr 2nd 2010
Misaimed Fandom stays. Accelerator was never nice or good in the beginning. He only later became that after meeting Last Order. Furthermore, He willingly join Project Level 6. He knew what he was doing, he willingly kill the clones so he would become Level 6 so no one would dare mess with him again.
01:07:33 PM Apr 16th 2010
edited by
Thats a case of Well-Intentioned Extremist.
02:16:31 AM Nov 2nd 2010
IMHO, Accelerator is an example, how Misaimed Fandom leaded to a Retcon of an entire character: At the beginning he was intented as a Complete Monster, but because of his fans, the author decided "Sure, Why Not?" and decided to rewrite him. And Your Mileage May Vary, but Accelerator became actual more interesting character this way...
05:06:45 PM Aug 27th 2011
Okay, let's start back from Accelerator's younger days. From what we know and can assume, Accelerator got his powers at a young age, although he had yet to be trained by Kihara-kun (and no, he wasn't born with them—he's not a Gemstone). Back then, he still wasn't the monster we saw during the Sisters arc. However, even if he was the strongest even back then, there was something missing in his power: the ability to turn it off. As depicted several times (index manga, railgun manga, anime to a lesser extent), there was an incident where Accelerator (before he was called that) was at a park and some children were playing with a ball. It went astray and Accelerator took it in his hands. The boys snatched it from his hands then one of them attempted to push him afterwards, resulting in hand being snapped. Afterwards, adults tried to stop him because they thought he did it on purpose, and met the same pain as the boys. Cue all of Academy City's military ganging up on Accelerator and shoving him in such nice places like the Special Abilities Institute. Start of Darkness right there ladies and gentlemen.

Not much is known afterwards other than he pushed around into many places to be tested on, but he got acquainted with Kihara Amata who taught him how to control his powers, instilled his personality traits into Accelerator, and he always tried to kill him to test his powers, along with many other researchers. Yoshikawa saved him from such an experiment when he was a kid, and that's why Accelerator trusts her in the first place.

When Accelerator grew too strong to be contained, they let him go. However, many wanted to prove they were stronger than him, so they tried to constantly kill him—reinforcing Accelerator's now antisocial and now twisted sadistic personality.

(Next part is taken from the Railgun Manga Tankubon—there are added scenes regarding how Accelerator got involved in the Level 6 Shift which are not in the magazine scanlation. Nobody has translated the tank as far as I know...)

After being assaulted by some skillouts, Accelerator is approached by a representative of the Level 6 project, who suggest this plan to him. He's not interested at first because he's strong enough, but the rep says that Accel is obliviously not satisfied with his life and says that a Level 6 wouldn't have to deal with assaults like this. Accel ends up meeting the scientists and trying out the project, and he's told the Sisters are just guinea pigs and masses of proteins with no emotions. He gets to experience this for about 10031 clones, since he purposely taunts them and attempts to get an emotional reaction to solidify the "truth" that the clones aren't human.

Then Touma came in.

Faced with the guy who would end up being his future role model, he ends up being faced dead-on with a Heel Realization.

Again, from Railgun Manga, Kamachi's latest spin on Accelerator vs. Touma:

"This power will one day make the world itself its enemy... It might really destroy everything. [...] If power breeds conflict, then you just need to attain absolute power that will deter any will to fight. If I do that... Then maybe one day, again... If I do that... I won't have to hurt anyone agai- [...] These sisters too lived with all their might... These girls are my... Really... What am I...doing?"

Now, we all know how things go from there, but to say Accelerator is still a sadistic complete monster after all that came after is a fucking fallacy if I've ever seen one. Should I point out how he protected the Level 0s Komaba Ritoku was conncerned for? Or how he curbstomped Kakine while making sure nobody got hurt? Or how even in black wings rampage after Kakine stabbed Yomikawa, he didn't hurt anyone? Or the many people he saved while working with GROUP? Not to mention how affected he was when Misaka Worst fought him.

Accelerator is quite simply a child soldier. Now, when you're brought up to be a killing machine, is that entirely your fault?

The fact he managed to get back from a Moral Event Horizon like that (YMMV), and penny by penny atone for his past self makes Accelerator a good person at heart that was twisted and broken—but thankfully, not entirely.

His New Testament post-Touma Rematch further shows that he's progressively washing out the bad in him. Notice how far more relaxed and in-control he's become. He's gotten off the Villain-Hero koolaid and does what he think is good—like how he helped out Fremea when he could've ignored it and taken the blue pill, but instead chose to red pill.

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