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12:36:26 PM Apr 20th 2013
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In a Real Life Religion (such as for this page): if a deity is associated with light (i.e. glowing, shining, the sun or related to the sun, etc.) and is a Jerkass, then that deity fits this trope. List that example.

If you don't like the religion or the deity within a religion, this is not the place to vent.

I am speaking generally for anyone who might have doubts when listing an example, including those who would like to complain about religions they do not believe in.

If it's shown in the mythology (or in the case of religions that don't like the word "mythology": The Bible or "the lore") that that deity is "not good", then this trope applies. If modern day followers of the faith see that deity is "not good" despite their lore's portrayals of that deity as benevolent (which may happen if a mythology has been Hijacked by Jesus), then this trope applies. But if neither of those things are true, then this trope is basically "averted."

If the "mythology" portrays that deity as evil, obviously it's not this trope... in case anyone wanted to know.

If anyone wants to add to this or correct me on anything, please feel free.

Also, should we add a "don't complain about religions you don't believe in" or something in the markup?
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