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03:04:12 AM Mar 28th 2015
This place used to be a reliable source of information. It has been infested with various headcanons which don't represent what the Mob actually lived.

You make a mistake if you think this place depicts the History of Twitch Plays Pokemon : it is just a bunch of arbitrary interpretations and misconceptions.

It is so easy to rewrite History when all the people who made it are dead...
05:33:04 PM Mar 23rd 2015
Why, under the blurb for Twitch Plays Pokemon Red Anniversary Run, is there this snippy line about the chat using "a cheat tool, as usual"? Is this describing Democracy mode? That isn't even under the real control of the chat itself, but the streamer and his coding. It just seems like a useless potshot at something an editor may not like to me.
11:39:17 PM Aug 10th 2014
Should Pokemon Conquest get it's own bullet point? Not necessarily it's own page, but as it's considered 'part' of TTP and was played to completion maybe it should be moved from the intermission section and placed as run seven and a half, or something similar.
12:38:45 AM Aug 11th 2014
Twitch Plays Pokemon Conquest, you mean? I can find barely any information on it in Google.
01:22:35 AM Aug 11th 2014
Yeah. Twitch played it from begining to end inbetween Black and Black 2.
04:02:26 AM Aug 11th 2014
Well, you can put an entry there already. I do not see any problem with it.
08:15:34 AM May 17th 2014
Think someone should add something in the fridge brilliance section regarding how the lyrics for the first opening of the Johto saga in the anime actually brilliantly summarize how the Crystal run ended up so differently? After all, 'It's a whole new world we live in./It's a whole new way to see./It's a whole new place, with a brand new attitude'.
09:49:11 PM Apr 10th 2014
Should we add tropes related to Twitch Plays Pokemon in general?
07:29:41 PM Apr 10th 2014
The Twitch mobile version will sometimes ask a user to "consult Helix, perhaps," if it is unable to load a video. Is this a Shout-Out to one of the site's own streams, or is it an Ascended Meme?
10:06:47 AM Mar 18th 2014
can we have a 'fan work page' added? there i load of art and at least one early comic being done it would be nice if we could link it all together
01:01:52 AM Mar 4th 2014
The page says "done with a hacked ROM of the Generation I game Pokémon Red." This is a case where I would say [citation needed].

AFAIK (although I could be mistaken) in the beginning of the project there was some talk that the streamer might use a hacked ROM in order to remove the step limit at the Safari Zone. There was also some talk about him using the "151 hack" (or whatever it's called.)

However, as far as I know, the ROM was not hacked in any way. The step limit was there, and everything seemed normal. Can anyone cite a trustworthy source that says for sure that the ROM was a hacked one? (And, again, those rumors from the beginning of the project do not count. Something more trustworthy than that, and from a later time.)

If not, then the "hacked" part should be removed, to avoid misunderstandings.
12:14:41 PM Mar 4th 2014
I recall hearing they did remove the step limit.

Besides, wouldn't engineering the whole control scheme count as hacking it?
03:30:08 PM Mar 10th 2014
Belatedly, [[this http://www.reddit.com/r/twitchplayspokemon/comments/1yvzmu/analysis_of_the_151_rom]] is the 'romhack' that was used for Red. The only things that are changed are the title screen and one line of NPC dialogue, hence the airquotes.

The step limit was definately present, as can be seen in videos like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PFVnAAUVDw.
05:23:58 AM Mar 1st 2014
I saw that there will be a new LP, probably Pokémon Gold, Silver or Crystal, so I guess it'll have a lot of tropes as well. So, what do you think of moving this page to "Twitch Plays Pokémon Red" and then create a new page for the next one (I mean, when it starts)?
10:07:53 AM Mar 1st 2014
I agree, we should make a new one as soon as the next game starts.
07:19:15 PM Mar 1st 2014
Came in here to suggest the same thing. We should keep Twitch Plays Pokémon as an overlay and index to the pages.

Problem is, we'll have to redirect the subpages like the character page as well.
08:44:55 PM Mar 1st 2014
We only need to redirect the big, important pages like the main section and characters. Pages like Fridge Logic and some of the less important Crowners can just use fenyx4's headers idea.
09:23:16 PM Mar 1st 2014
Yeah, I suppose they can all be lumped together since they're small pages anyway.
04:03:55 AM Mar 2nd 2014
I have set up a new Twitch Plays Pokémon Red page and copied all the tropes over to it. It would be great if someone wrote a series description for the new Twitch Plays Pokémon, mine is simply a redirect page.
04:34:55 AM Mar 2nd 2014
I edited it... somewhat... we still need to work on it and move all subpages that belonged to this page to TPP Red. I don't know how to do that, though, sorry.
08:45:16 PM Feb 28th 2014
Should we add a new page for the Fan Nicknames? the list is starting to get rather long.
09:05:20 PM Feb 28th 2014
Well, first off, Fan Nickname is Trivia and doesn't belong on this page at all. It should go on Trivia.Twitch Plays Pokemon.
03:08:34 AM Mar 1st 2014
edited by
Alrighty then, I've moved the fan nicknames to Trivia.

That said, it's probably going to get longer when the Pokémon Gold and Silver run starts up, so what should we do then?
02:57:31 PM Feb 28th 2014
edited by
To elaborate, I began adding this header:

Pokémon Red Version

to a few of the sub-pages, because in the event that a Pokémon Gold, Silver, or Crystal and/or subsequent generation run is attempted, it's going to be a nightmare separating the Generation 1-related media and events from the Generation 2 (and potentially Generations 3, 4, 5, and/or 6, if they ever happen) runs, so I'm trying to be pro-active in making sections now.

Also, it would be great if other editors could help in correcting instances of "Pokemon/pokemon" to "Pokémon" so that the pages can appear somewhat well-written, at least. Thanks in advance!
10:11:03 AM Feb 26th 2014
The image stopped working. D:
10:23:22 AM Feb 26th 2014
Still working for me.
10:24:17 AM Feb 26th 2014
It's fixed :)
05:17:44 PM Feb 25th 2014
Someone expanded one of the introductory paragraphs going into too much detail about what was behind anarchy/democracy modes, for my taste. I vote changing it back the way it was before.
11:02:26 PM Feb 25th 2014
Yeah, that wall of text has a questionable reason to exist.
08:23:44 AM Feb 23rd 2014
I'm definitely of the opinion that the Big Bad needs to be the PC, especially in light of recent events (it took DUX away! T-T)
11:53:57 AM Feb 22nd 2014
edited by
So, I've seen entries mentioning that we've defeated Blue every time we encountered him and that we got through Vermilion City Gym on our first try. However, I'm fairly certain that we lost against Blue once or twice on the S.S. Anne and that Surge's Raichu mopped the floor with us the first time around.

Can anyone confirm this?
09:52:58 PM Feb 24th 2014
It's true we lost to Surge on our first Vermilion attempt, but I think they're referencing the fact that we managed to get through the trash-can puzzle on our first try. And I'm pretty sure we beat Blue first try on the S.S. Anne.
07:20:37 AM Feb 21st 2014
We need a different way of listing characters in the character page. They keep capturing pokemon in the Safari Zone and it's impractical to list them all as separate characters.
07:47:29 AM Feb 21st 2014
I suggest we wait for them to finish the Safari Zone first and sort it out after they move on.
08:08:54 AM Feb 21st 2014
How about just making a "Safari Zone Pokemon" group and list them inside it?
08:10:18 AM Feb 21st 2014
That sounds like a good idea, actually. We could also lump pokémon of the same species.
08:07:33 PM Feb 20th 2014
These were listed under Ret Gone, when Ret Gone is about removing someone from existence to the point where they never existed. Considering they still have stats for the released pokemon, they obviously existed within the context of the game.

  • Sending a Pokémon to the PC will probably be irreversible, or as close as makes no difference due to the chaos of 100,000+ people trying to navigate the menu. Ever worse when they accidentally release a Pokémon. ...which they've managed to do. ...twice. ...in the span of three minutes.
    • Thrice.
    • Barely subverted in the case of Pidgeot, who was somehow retrieved, which is a very good thing because it's the only Pokemon on the team that isn't horribly underlevelled.
    • The almighty Helix Fossil was also rescued a few hours after being accidentally dumped.
08:00:29 PM Feb 20th 2014
edited by
Why the hell is a Fridge Horror page attached to this work, where we already have a fridge page?
05:52:47 PM Feb 19th 2014
I'm in no mood to fix it right now, but is there any reason why people are potholing released pokemon to things like Death Tropes and Ret Gone? They're released into the wild; it's more appropriately Lost Forever
07:37:51 PM Feb 19th 2014
What would the equivalent be for Alas, Poor Scrappy? The reaction was definitely there after Flareon left.
08:27:01 PM Feb 19th 2014
It was moved to YMMV where it belongs.
12:38:36 AM Feb 21st 2014
I'm going to move those death trope potholes to Lost Forever.
09:30:54 PM Feb 18th 2014

  • Interservice Rivalry: The 100,000+ players were (mostly) cooperative until Eevee came. They then got divided between people who wanted Vaporeon for Surf, people who wanted Jolteon for Electric coverage, people who wanted anything but Flareon, people who didn't want Eevee at all and people who were afraid that the spastic commands at the Evolution Stone shop would empty Red's wallet before they purchased a drink for the Saffron guards (which did almost happen). Things got worse when they accidentally bought, of all things, the Fire Stone.
    • Ironically, the people who wanted to ignore getting Eevee as party member #6 ended up being absolutely right. Everyone's efforts to either make Eevee useful or free up the party spot for a Surfer caused one disaster after another.
    • Anytime Red is near the PC, people will divide between who wants to free a slot for Lapras (or get rid of Flareon) and who is too afraid to use it. The result is a confused Red running in circles inside the pokecenter.

Not that this isn't an appropriate example, but it's certainly Not an Example of that particular trope. I don't know the correct one off the top of my head, but Interservice Rivalry isn't even close to being it.
11:31:01 PM Feb 18th 2014
Only thing I can see would be Divided We Fall, and that's a stretch.
12:06:27 AM Feb 19th 2014
Added it back under A House Divided.
08:24:25 PM Feb 18th 2014
The use of spoiler tags is laughable; this stuff is literally getting posted on news sites, and no one in their right mind is going to watch 5 plus days of footage including things like dicking around in an elevator for 5 hours. None of this stuff is or is ever likely to be a surprise.
09:26:40 PM Feb 18th 2014
edited by
I just removed all spoiler tags. Yes, all of them. There's no point.

  • Again, no one is going to go back and watch this. OK, maybe one or two people are crazy enough to watch 5+ days of continuous footage of mostly-BS, but not sane people.

  • If you could somehow have it spoiled right before seeing it in real time it might be a spoiler, but we can't edit that fast anyway

  • Because almost everything happening is garbage nonsense, allowing spoilers means anything even slightly interesting will be spoiler-tagged, which is effectively like having nothing spoiler tagged except more annoying to read.

  • Anyone jumping in now would be better served reading "spoilers" than spending at least a week catching up on the footage, assuming they have any kind of life.

Everything is being reported on in real-time anyway. Spoiler tagging anything is like spoiler-tagging history. Just don't.
10:48:23 AM Feb 19th 2014
edited by
And... Since this is a documenting of a "social experiment", we should be listing what happened like scientists, not authors trying to captivate the audience. I mean, the page might as well be a Useful Notes page in that regard.
05:57:10 PM Feb 19th 2014
Exactly, this is more like an event than an artwork.
03:01:53 AM Feb 28th 2014
Considering this is an ongoing Real Life event rather than a work of fiction, I don't see much point in concealing spoilers anyway.
06:43:12 PM Feb 16th 2014
There is a Serial Editor here.
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