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10:00:48 AM Oct 9th 2015
Apparently my english teacher at the academy I go to actually TAUGHT Daniel Kyre; talk about emotional punch O_o
07:31:04 AM Jun 25th 2015
His Abnormal Limb Rotation Range looks less creepy to me, and more like some kind of Alien Geometry.
08:41:15 PM Oct 6th 2014
ok I wanted to add something, but I'm not sure if it would belong under Catch Phrase, Running Gag, or both. I'm talking about whenever he sings Walk the Dinosaur. where do you think it should go
11:17:41 PM Oct 6th 2014
Maybe Running Gag.
05:09:39 PM Jun 29th 2014
Should the list of Custom Amnesia stories be in alphabetical order, order of date played, or does it not matter?
06:23:16 PM Jul 10th 2013
edited by
"Markiplier is steadily gaining a loyal following with his lighthearted, self-deprecating brand of humor and that he always expresses appreciation for his viewers during his intros, outros and vblogs, making him a very friendly and gracious online personality that has even made him the subject of fanart from his admiring and affectionate fandom. In keeping with his grateful attitude towards his internet popularity, Markiplier uses his notoriety to raise money for charity through livestreams that, as of 1 July 2013, totals $69,608.43."

Can we get a YMMV for the second paragraph? It sounds like it's been written by his PR guy. Or the guy himself. Talk about effusive praise.
02:41:30 AM Jul 11th 2013
Yeeeah. I've axed it.
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