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10:55:56 PM Feb 9th 2017
What exactly would the "Clement Remembers Final Fantasy" series of videos fall under? I want to add it but I don't know where xD
04:40:41 PM Dec 23rd 2015
Anyone know why the 2 in his user name (on both Youtube and Twitter) isn't part of his user name anymore? For that matter, since it's no longer a part of his username, should we change all of his trope pages to just "Clement J 64"?
09:00:22 AM May 19th 2013
curious if the following line would count as 'Arc Words', considering that I've seen Clement use it at least twice in some form at specific points of his sonic series.

'Back in Feburary of 2010, I started a Sonic series that is still ongoing'
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