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07:18:07 PM Jan 3rd 2015
Why are antidepressants put into this?
02:08:54 AM Jan 4th 2015
09:02:04 PM Jan 4th 2015
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Thanks, but... Well, that much I gathered, but what I meant was what sort of effect are antidepressants supposed to represent for this show? Is it like saying that Dragon Ball Z is like Karate Kid on steroids due to beefy character but more simplistic and shallow character development?

Does that mean that antidepressants are here because Yu Yu Hakusho is kind of... not depressing at all? I don't recall either DBZ, All Dogs go to heaven, or especially Danny Phantom being depressing at all.
09:51:28 PM Jan 4th 2015
Dude, if you don't remember Alldogs Go To Heaven being depressing, then, well... yeah. Though honestly, YuYu Hakusho itself is way darker than DBZ and I believe Danny Phantom.
11:17:27 AM Jan 12th 2015
A Dgt H isn't depressing, especially at the end of the movie. But I guess the overall theme behind Charlie's motives could be, especially after "Squeaker" finds out.
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