Laconic Implacable Man Discussion

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10:36:18 AM May 16th 2015
I am not sure this is the right description. An implacable man, going by what's in the actual trope page, isn't simply a determinator, it's simply part of the package. They seem to also have the physical attributes to back it up even further than a determinator does, they get put out of commission but always come back, and are hard to put in there in the first place.

Trope decay, or wrong laconic description?
05:30:23 AM Nov 27th 2015
Another user changed the laconic. However, a query on Ask The Tropers has confirmed that the new laconic misrepresents the trope, so a change is in order.

I think it should go like "A relentless pursuer who will never let anything short of destruction or accomplishing its goal stop it." Is that a viable laconic?
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