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01:08:26 AM Jan 26th 2013
edited by Candi
"Honor Before Reason - The Amazons exile Wonder Woman from Themyscira for breaking the law and bringing men to Paradise Island, even though all the Amazons would have been slain and a mad god would have conquered the world if she had not done so."

Possibly justified in that the rule came from the Greek gods -for whom fair only applied when and how they wanted. The Amazon Queen had to choose between exiling Diana or risking their whole island being curb-stomped.

When Diana does return, it's because she had to go through Themyscira to get to Hades, which Zeus told her to do in the first place. The Queen isn't being flippant or symbolic when she says she'll discuss any objection to and take responsibility for the end of Diana's exile with the gods themselves; she literally means she'll deal with the consequences if they have one of their mood swings.
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