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03:46:03 AM Mar 5th 2017
Is there a restriction of "Job must be a legitimate, legal profession"? All I see are "You can't use powers to make people do something unless certain conditions are met", yet for Omniglot, I could have added "Black Hat Hacker", as it does not directly impinge on free will and sanctity of mind and body.

Also, is there a ban on adding various magic types? I can think of a few legitimate jobs for a necromancer.
08:08:34 PM Apr 29th 2015
Removed the following:

  • Foster parent for disturbed children with dangerous superpowers
  • any position, from doctor to janitor, in a mental institution for people with superpowers
  • Instructor in power control for superheroes

The reason being, powers which are primarily of use in occupations dealing specifically with superhumans violates the "rarely appears in comics" stipulation in the rules. Technically speaking, a large breadth of superpowers (from Super Strength to Super Speed) would be suited to jobs dealing with superhumans and, in fact, that's specifically how they are used in comics.
08:21:13 PM May 2nd 2015
What are you talking about? Name any instance of these professions appearing in comics. "Dealing with superhuamns" is not a profession It is a characteristic of professions, which appear in comics sometimes rarely and sometimes frequently.
10:58:33 PM May 2nd 2015
edited by KingZeal
Let's assume that what you say is true. It still doesn't matter because "dealing with superhumans" is a job characteristic in the way that "military force" is a job characteristic, and those are banned for exactly the same reason. It doesn't matter if the job is "teaching superhumans", "restraining superhuman", "arresting criminals" or "guarding VI Ps". Regardless of what the actual job is, the characteristic is the exact same problem under a different name.

Jobs specifically focused on dealing with superhumans completely undermine the purpose of this page, because virtually any power is useful in relation to OTHER powers. Power Nullifier, by definition can only be used in a world with superhumans.

The X-Men, alone, have had several people with these very jobs. The entire point to superhero stories is that superheroes live in their own bubbled shelter. The very fact that it is "sometimes frequently" doesn't matter because we are talking about the genre convention as a whole, not individual stories or universes where it may or may not appear.
07:18:44 PM Oct 16th 2012
Can this go in any indexes, being a Just for Fun trope?
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