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12:28:34 PM Dec 22nd 2011
Dossier Maintenance

This is the topic for sections that require alteration, updates and rewrites. Please describe what needs changing and how extreme the modification required.

On that subject, the Avatar the Last Airbender dossier requires work by someone who is more familar with the universe then myself. Troper slang needs to be removed and style brought into line with rest of article.
11:26:10 PM Mar 31st 2012
The dossier on the Stargate 'Verse requires some editing to be brought into line with the rest of the article, as well. I tried my best, but I would appreciate it if someone could look over it and offer a few corrections on style.
05:19:25 AM Oct 31st 2011
What? There's no article on Real Life?
03:37:25 PM Oct 31st 2011
Perhaps that's the home base. Or perhaps it hasn't been discovered yet?
05:47:36 PM Oct 31st 2011
Feel free to write it.
08:39:39 AM Nov 13th 2011
I'm presuming the Cold War was a C.
07:57:57 AM May 13th 2011
Regarding new examples
Can I add new examples, or is there a standard procedure for that?
09:15:18 AM Aug 29th 2011
edited by JeepEep
Add as desired, but follow the estabished style.
08:14:08 PM Sep 25th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I've drafted a potential entry on the Pokémon worlds, subject to amendment by the staff of The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition. (Though it can be posted as is.) The entry is here, first folder. (Second folder is ancillary info for categorization and is supplemental to the entry.)
04:25:00 AM Nov 22nd 2010
Tech Levels

Early hypertech is for things like Star Trek or Star Wars. Universes that have the starts of Hypertech, but it's either primitive, uncommon or only one branch is well understood. Just to get that clear.
01:59:44 PM Nov 23rd 2010
The Kingdom Hearts entry brought up a good point. The Pride Lands are inhabited by sentient animals, and therefore have literally no technology. Maybe we should make a level -10.
08:11:33 PM Nov 21st 2010
08:22:55 PM Nov 21st 2010
edited by Uncandescent
I know that we're pretty much just pulling the numbers for the dossiers out of thin air and they don't really mean anything, but maybe we could establish a loose classification system where the higher the number is the more dangerous or important the thing is. Or maybe we could make certain increments of 100 correspond to certain things, like 200-299 could be viruses and 500-599 could be weapons or something. But then again, there could be some dispute as to how dangerous or important something is. And if we get a ton of dimensions on here then there may be more than 100 things that fit into a specific category. What do you guys think?
04:22:22 AM Nov 22nd 2010
edited by JeepEep
The lower the number, the higher the priority (danger or importance). Basically because those ones got priority over the others and were done first. W H40k, however, snaffled most of the low ones already, mainly because of how insanely lethal that universe is.
12:30:03 PM Nov 23rd 2010
edited by InsanityPrelude
Oh. I just used a reference to canon on the KH one, that one needs work anyway so feel free to fix it.
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