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06:45:53 AM Oct 11th 2015
I think I can see a fault in the argumentation here. "Hero" and "Villains" are not really tropes by themselves; unless the author willingly puts emphasis on the fact that we have a very heroic hero and a very villainous villain, it's just something that inherently part of storytelling. In a nutshell, I think Hero and Villain in the most common acception of the term, that is the one that means "Protagonist" and "Antagonist", is more People Sitting On Chairs than a real trope. Thus I think it could be possible to do an Almost-Tropeless-Tale by using only "self-evident" tropes, those that are inherently part of normal storytelling and that you find in practically any story that's not a willing Deconstruction, but avoiding using any more complicated tropes.

Of course, you could decide that "Tropeless" is a trope in itself, but we're falling into paradox territory so for the sake of simplicity let's ignore this part.
02:05:32 AM Jan 21st 2014
The Tropeless Tale - By Zeanobia.

The end.
04:11:45 AM Jul 4th 2013
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10:08:36 PM Sep 8th 2013
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