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09:38:17 PM Nov 13th 2017
When do you think it'll be complete? This pokedex is ten times better than the canon pokedex
06:46:17 PM Jul 21st 2017
Should we put the Alolan Forms/Regional Variants in their own entries or add them to the original entry? Since the games count them as the same Pokemon and the Character Pages count them as the same, I was thinking the former, but I wanted to make sure.
05:31:35 AM Dec 28th 2016
Okay, when are Gen VII entries going to be added?
07:27:08 PM Nov 19th 2016
So now that we have National Dex numbers for all Generation VII Pokémon, does anyone want to add said Pokémon to the list? I know we don't have entries yet, but we should at least have the lines listed.
05:39:40 PM Jul 12th 2013
Is it OK if I edit these pages? I won't until I get an answer.
01:45:02 PM Nov 19th 2013
Depends on the edits I think. I'm new here and made a few touch ups on spelling and the like. I'm guilty of adding extra content to one page, but I haven't gotten word back about it. I think if you intend to make a big change, it might be smart to ask the original poster of the article since they sign their works here.
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