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07:03:24 AM Dec 11th 2016
The number 143 is optuxo'-optu (eleven-twelves and eleven). The pattern could continue with xoxo' (twelve twelves), but it can't continue past 156 (xoxo'-xo, or twelve twelves and twelve). We should choose a number for 144, similar to 100 in base 10. My suggestion for 144 would be "gro" from gross, the word for a dozen dozen. Then, 156 would translate to stevgro-stevxo (one gross and one twelve) or stevgro-xo. 157 would be stevgro-stevxo-stev (one gross, one twelve, and one), 158 stevgro-stevxo-duo (one gross, one twelve, and two). Of course, my understanding of the number system may be flawed.
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