Just For Fun Quantum Mariah Carey Problem Discussion

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11:40:10 AM Jun 22nd 2012
I don't have an answer regarding this exactly, but I do have this conclusion derived from Chuck Norris: "The square root of Chuck Norris is pain. Do not attempt to square Chuck Norris. The result will be death.

Conclusion: Chuck Norris has a quantum value of 2. How so? Simple: If, theoretically, every human being has an intrinsic quantum value of 1 (or IQV), Chuck Norris must have a greater IQV. Also, have you ever tried to find the square root of 2? It is painful! And 2 x 2 is 4, and of course, Four Is Death, so squaring Chuck Norris results in death. Thus we can derive from this conclusion: If Chuck Norris = 2, and everyone else = 1, Mariah Carey = 1. Therefore, nothing changed when she emancipated herself.

Note that this is just my personal theory, and not proven fact.
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