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09:36:58 AM Mar 20th 2017
This is something I have wondering about. Does "XIUCI" actually mean something or is it just gibberish?
08:44:19 AM Dec 9th 2014
Where can I find the rom for this game?! Without the rom, I won't be able to become a master elf coach!
09:02:41 PM Mar 25th 2014
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Is there a way to continue to list this (under 'Set Page Type') as a 'just for fun' page and still have the links to YMMV and other subpages visible? The only way they show up is if it's listed as a Main Page. And if not, can we list it as a Main Page considering the link to it is JustForFun/PokemonVietnameseCrystal anyway, clearly marking it as a 'fun' page?

Alternatively, can we just make a list of subpages under the explanation of the game, but before the examples? That's the way I've listed it for now, and as far as I can tell it's not violating any rules, but please feel free to change it if I've done something I shouldn't have.
06:01:24 AM Mar 26th 2014
Not without changing the page type, sadly.
10:24:16 AM Mar 6th 2014
"You should be able to see your back while trying to run from Trainer battle. You can't."

What exactly happens? I recently downloaded the rom and gave running away from the first Rival battle a whirl. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, text aside.
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