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12:45:23 PM Apr 11th 2015
How about the alien civilization we see in "Contact?" Where do they fall?
01:32:50 PM Apr 11th 2015
04:08:22 PM Jun 17th 2013
This article's discussion of power is tenuous at best.

Sure, Tsar Bomba or gamma ray bursts involve instantaneous releases of energy at or above Kardashev scale levels. But the whole point of the scale is harnessing *continuous* power outputs at that level. Type I isn't just "10^16 Watts," it's 10^16 Watts continuously (i.e. Watt-hours per hour if that makes more sense).

Humanity is not Type I. We're not even close. Our global power consumption is around 10^14 Watt-hours per year, which translates to ~10^10 W continuous output. That puts us around Kardashev 0.5 - and we're doing most of that (~80%) artificially, using leftovers of Earth's insolation (fossil fuels, nuclear).
09:38:08 PM Jul 23rd 2014
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