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01:31:19 PM Oct 2nd 2017
  • Even Dahlia Hawthorne can be seen as one, and is by her sister Iris. The sisters were separated from their mother and raised by their father, who showed no love for them and sent Iris off to Hazakura Temple merely so that the inheritance would not have to be divided. Iris points out that the reason she didn't become like Dahlia is because Sister Bikini was her Parental Substitute, while Dahlia had no one of the sort.

Is there anyone who actually feels sorry for this bitch? Except for Iris that is. It's true that Iris thought that Dahlia needs more love, but it seems more like a case of Good Cannot Comprehend Evil mixed with Sympathy for the Devil. It's true that Iris landing in the temple led her to have some decent parent, but aren't we forgeting that the reason why she was in the temple in the first place was because Dahlia convinced their father to kick her out? Even if you accept Papa Hawthorne being shitty parent there is still Valerie who for all we know cared about Dahlia, Iris who genuinely loved her sister despite everything, Terry who loved her so much he was willing to die for her, and we all know how did she repay all threee of them. Sorry but i don't see her as any kind of Woobie.
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