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03:35:41 PM Aug 13th 2017
edited by CaptainTedium
There seems to be a dispute over adding Buttercup as an example of Jerkass in the original The Powerpuff Girls cartoon.

Her entry was removed with the justification that she was only a Jerkass in the 2016 reboot. I restored the entry to the section on the original series with more specific details on why Buttercup counted as an example of the trope in the original series, but the same editor who removed the entry originally removed that as well and stated that what I described counted more as a Jerkass Ball.

This begs the question: Do characters who occasionally do rude and inconsiderate thinks still count as Jerkass, or should this page only list characters who are jerks at all times?
03:47:56 PM Aug 13th 2017
edited by WhirlRX
Buttercup is more a Jerk with a Heart of Gold as she can be a jerk but she also cares for her sisters and does save the day

04:28:39 PM Aug 13th 2017
If she's more of a jerk than usual to fit the requirements of a story, that means she's holding the Jerkass Ball. If a character is nothing but mean, then they're a full-blown Jerkass. Does that make sense?
05:27:13 PM Aug 13th 2017
Buttercup filled the role of "token jerk character" which really is Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but for individual episodes where that wasn't made apparent, she's just a Jerkass for the episode.

She's a good person, but her default personality is "rude."
06:15:30 AM Aug 14th 2017
edited by MsCC93
SenorCornholio basically repeated what I said in the edit reason.
09:31:50 PM Jun 25th 2011
This image would fit better on Took a level of Jerk.
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