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12:27:04 AM Jan 25th 2017
The examples of Gravity Falls are incredibly convoluted. I don't know if what happens is that some fans want to have the characters in every page or what, but the only character that more or less qualify to be there is Stan. Mabel and Dipper ARE CHILDREN obvioulsy they are gonna be selfish to some degree, that's how children normally are even animated ones. Ford is a jerk ONLY to his brother hardly an example too. Anyone oppose the removal?
01:53:49 AM Jan 25th 2017
Their argument against the examples, in the case of Dipper and Mabel, is based in their actions/personality being common to their ages, not in their actions/personality themselves- and you noted that they are ."selfish to some degree".
08:39:16 PM Jan 27th 2017
edited by Luppercus
Yes, but being selfish to some degree is not enough to be consider a jerk (in that case almost all characters would qualify for this trope), the trope is meant for characters that are always selfish (among other many things), in every regard, most of the time and are jerks toward almost every character cases like Beetlejuice, Garfield or Bender, and that sometimes very deep inside and very secretely have a soft side and do the right thing. Dipper and Mabel would be the opposite of this case; they normally are good, help other people and act selflessly, and ONCE IN A WHILE, act like a jerk.
12:54:02 AM Feb 1st 2017
So, any objection then? for me only Stan should be there.
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