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03:07:03 PM Mar 24th 2016
Angel entry:
  • Another Angel example was when they needed to bring back Angelus to get information from him. Early in the series (an episode called "Eternity") it had been shown that Angel could be temporarily turned into Angelus by being drugged and entering a fake state of happiness. Then once the drug wore off he'd be back to normal. No one seemed to come up with the idea of using this same technique again as opposed to permanently unleashing a psychotic vampire who then had to be cured.

In a a later episode, while they were considering bring back Angelus, Angel makes it absolutely clear to Wesley that the thing that appeared in "Eternity" was not Angelus. It was a cheap, mild facsimile of Angelus, nothing like the real thing. So, the show didn't forget about this episode, and did discuss the differences.
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