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04:23:18 PM Oct 23rd 2015
edited by danime91
I think that the MMORPG arc from Denpa Kyoushi belongs here. The antagonist goes insane, hacks the game and is about cause some sort of huge catastrophe. Thing is, it's not even a virtual reality, they're literally playing on regular PCs, in the same room. Anyone could have just stopped playing, walked over and slapped the antagonist or unplugged the computer at any time. I'm not sure whether the entire thing was a parody of .hack or not, but it was stupid either way, especially considering how Genre Savvy the protagonist is normally.
03:08:13 AM Jun 7th 2016
Then why don't you just add it?
11:08:34 PM Feb 4th 2015
I believe SAO should be changed, but don't see how it can be done without deleting too much content. The thing is, none of the developers knew about project leader's intentions, everything was his own doing in secret from the rest of the staff. He is also established as pretty much the sole developer of this VR technology and the game itself.
10:45:51 PM May 10th 2014
  • In HunterxHunter, the Greed Island arc would have been just a little shorter had Gon swallowed his pride and just stuck to the damn plan, instead of try to take the Bomber head on just to prove himself. Even when he reaches a point in battle where Biske told him he needs to run for it, he's still too selfish to stop (even acknowledging it), and ends up losing a hand and having his right arm mangled for his trouble.
...since according to the trope description, it would fall under What the Hell, Hero?. It's acknowledged within the series, is shown to be a serious character flaw with consequences, and only requires one character to be an idiot. At worst, I think it'd be the Idiot Ball.
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