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07:31:37 PM Aug 31st 2016
edited by beeruckzII
I'm just curious, but how exactly is the Doctor Who example of Missy revealing herself to be the Master at the end of Dark Water an Idiot Ball?
04:22:45 AM Jan 23rd 2014
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Deleted the following examples and some Natter that violated Example Indentation and moved them here. The Natter sounds reasonable but I'm not familiar enough with the shows to know whether it's correct.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • In Season 2, Jenny Calendar is lobbed the Idiot Ball when it's her time to die. Knowing there's a powerful, homicidal vampire with a mad-on for her clan targeting the Scoobies and anyone close to them, the Watcher's girlfriend decides that rather than go home, where vamps can't enter without invitation, she'll stay in a darkened Sunnydale High late at night and alone to work on her soul-returning spell.
      • To be honest, this really isn't fair; the Scoobies have made a habit out of staying late at night in the school library, a vampire-friendly zone, ever since the first episode. Ms. Calendar is hardly alone in this respect. For all their experience with monsters, characters aside from Buffy really are not that Genre Savvy.

  • Suits: Is it possible for the Wunderkind lawyer, who remembers everything he reads and passed the bar (twice) without actually going to law school, to be able file a simple patent without assistance from his suave mentor or the sexy paralegal? Short answer: no.
    • Somewhat Truth in Television since most law schools don't teach you how to do things like file documents in your jurisdiction, and the rules can be dramatically different across districts. Most firms will pair the new lawyers with a mentor or an senior paralegal who already knows these things so that they can be taught.
11:01:13 AM Jan 23rd 2014
Jenny counts. They're currently dealing with a Big Bad who personally knows them (and has actively been trying to hurt them on a personal level). Jenny's entire purpose for being in Sunnydale was to keep an eye on Angelus and be able to deal with him in case anything should happen (she's a descendant of the gypsy tribe that cursed him). Angelus knows all these things, and she knows he knows. But she's still doing research (basically looking up his kryptonite) alone, in a place he can access (which is especially silly because any vampire can be thwarted simply by being at home).
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