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11:53:02 AM Mar 25th 2015
  • Angel: The Scourge are an organization of demons dedicated to wiping out other demons who are part human. However, pure blood demons are at least 60 feet tall, not even remotely human looking, and are known to have possessed abilities like soul-eating, time manipulation, interdimensional portal opening, and plant speaking. Whereas the Scourge pretty much look like humans with skin nailed to their faces, and demonstrated maybe slight super strength. Seeing as they're all the same race, it appears as though they arbitrarily decided that their race were true demons and went after demons known to be Half-Human Hybrids. If the Old Ones ever did show up the Scourge would undoubtedly have found themselves lumped in with all the rest.
    • However, the Beacon, a weapon that caused anything with any trace of human DNA to disintegrate, didn't effect them.

This actually looks more like an inconsistency within the show itself than a case of hypocrisy.

As the responding edit indicates, the Scourge actually are pureblood demons, so they are not, in fact, being hypocritical by condemning half-breed demons. Bigoted, psychotic, and evil, yes, but not hypocritical.

The real issue here is that the show's writers seemed to have forgotten that in earlier episodes, they had established that pureblood demons aren't supposed to look anything like humans, as the Scourge do. This is really more of a continuity error than hypocrisy.
09:18:49 PM Mar 23rd 2015
  • Friends:
    • On a third-season episode, Carol expresses disapproval when she finds out that Ross cheated on Rachel (although Ross insisted that it wasn't cheating because they were "on a break" at the time). This, despite the fact that Carol actually slept with Susan while she was still married to Ross. Nobody, not even Ross, seemed to find it hypocritical that Carol was taking Ross to task for doing something that she had previously done to him.
      • Actually, Ross does call her on this, quite beautifully in fact:
    Carol: I can't believe you slept with another woman.
    Ross: You're one to talk.

Actually, no.

When Ross said, "You're one to talk," he was not calling Carol out for her infidelity. The writers were making a lame pun on the fact that Carol was a lesbian.

Sleeping "with another woman" ... Get it?

Yeah, I know. But for some reason, the writers apparently thought it was funny.

Honestly, I really, really, REALLY wish that Ross, or somebody, HAD called out Carol for her hypocrisy here. But it always seemed that the show's writers believed that Carol sleeping with Susan while she was still married to Ross somehow "didn't really count" as cheating on him.
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