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07:34:08 PM Feb 17th 2012
Beginning discussion on the Jim Herd entry, which was cut with the justification that it "didn't have enough of a negative effect on the business"

  • Jim Herd, the president of WCW during the early part of the 1990s, deserves special mention here. In his autobiography, Flair goes into detail about working with Herd, then the head of the WCW booking committee, whose previous work experience included manager at a local radio station and an executive for both a bank and Pizza Hut. Herd's "brilliant" ideas included lumberjack Big Josh (a pre-Doink Matt Bourne), attempting to create a tag team called "the Hunchbacks" (who couldn't be pinned because of their humps), and trying to retool Flair into a Roman gladiator named Spartacus (to which Kevin Sullivan famously replied "while we're doing this, why don't we go down to Yankee Stadium and change Mickey Mantle's number?").

I contest the claim that Herd's booking didn't have enough of a negative impact to qualify as SBIH. Herd's other stupid gimmicks may have been Wall Bangers rather than SBIH, but his interaction with Flair was definitely Horrible. Remember, Herd thought that Flair, a world-famous wrestler in his early 40s, was too old and killing business. So first he tried to force Flair to change his gimmick to a gladiator named Sparticus, and then just plain fired Flair. Then he refused to give Flair back the $15K deposit Flair had put up on the physical WCW World Championship Belt, which resulted in Flair going over to WWF with the WCW World Title still around his waist. This utterly humiliated WCW.
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