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12:55:48 PM Feb 22nd 2012
Just gonna dump this massive justifying edit here: it's got stuff in but... relevant? Didn't feel right to delete it being so big.

  • Since Sburb seems to start introducing enemies like giclopses a few hours in as part of its normal difficulty curve (see the End of Act 4 animation), it's possible John just sort of sucked at the game for a while. He doesn't have as many attacks as the other kids in their initial STRIFE.
    • To be fair, he had no prior experience, the smallest grist capacity, VERY weak weapons, and went through the game blind. Rose followed suit but she is noticably more adept after having witnessed much of John's experimenting to make sure she gets her needs. However she is notably more adept in combat than him. On the other hand, Dave was trained from birth and while he had no experience with the game, he had the aid of his future self which gave him enough uber gear to make him breeze through his own gates. By the time we got to Jade, she had pretty much the sky as the limit because in comparison to John, she had millions of Grist to work with and Dave as a guide. It may be a subversion on Jade's part though as she has not fought anything other than imps yet.
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