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11:00:36 AM Mar 26th 2018
Okay, uh... what is going on with the Jazz/Prowl portion? It features three moments, two of which features versions of Jazz and Prowl that aren't the ones featuring in most of those fanfics, and one involves a statement that Jazz and Prowl is impossible in that universe. That's not Ho Yay, that's Ships That Pass in the Night, at most.
11:07:41 AM Mar 26th 2018
edited by Larkmarn
Uh, yeah. That entire section has to go. It's nothing but an astoundingly natter-y mess.

EDIT: ... actually, this entire page seems to be a huge, natter-y mess and more about "there are fanfics of these characters" rather than "Ho Yay."

EDIT EDIT: Did some cleanup, removing canon Homoerotic Subtext, clearing out some of the natter, commenting out ZCEs, trying to create some semblance of organization, and removing the FFN counts. Seriously, this wasn't a Ho Yay page, it was a shipping forum.
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